It’s been a year, oh my dear

It’s a happy song

That your breath makes

And your heart takes

Beats from dusk till dawn

It’s truth, I swear, I’ve been queer

Since you came along

I’ve climbed the curves

On you I’ve swerve’

From gasp to every yawn.

I might not have done the things you asked

Might not have learnt your stride

But years are to come and earth’s to walk

I’ll learn while I’m on your side.

But then again, I might have done

The things your heart won’t miss

Won’t say, won’t breathe, won’t murmur or tweet

Won’t even even whisper in bliss;

Things like you’ve done

A Moon Under Sun

A cloud beneath sky

A flower and a fly

Things that have made me high.

So, to one more to come and go, then again

With bricks and gravel and stones

We’ll watch things done, smile like bums

And cry to heal our cluttering bones.

And then when you’ll sleep, or laugh, or weep

I’ll keep a hand on your ear

And tell you lame jokes

So that you can poke

Through my heart another spear. (Don’t!)


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