My Love

In the corner of that Metro seat
There I saw a raging heat
Spark in those sweet eyes
Mercy of laughter at my heartbeats
Never knew what love looked like
Until it crashed into my heart
That one look, one smile
Taste of salvation set me apart
And I knew our hearts were beating together

Who knew you’d liked me too
And sky would be extraordinarily blue
When you asked me out, sweet lord
And laid by lake in the morning dew
Love looked like us suspended in the moonlight
And I crashed into your arms, my home
Our hearts were valleys of flowers
And your eyes were my greatest roam
And You knew our hearts were beating together

I remember when we fought the world
And you used your voice and words
The nights you couldn’t sleep, my love
Till you won and freed the birds
And Love looked like your wedding ring
Then flowers crashed on the aisle
Our dog we raised and lost, you cried
Like never before for months while
And we knew our hearts were beating together

I saw you across the street in the summer heat
Like the past was on repeat
Years just to come to this
When from bus you saved that kid
Love looked like tubes in your skin
Your strong smile crashed my strength
I carried you home when I knew I had to
You slept peacefully at the end
And I knew my heart was beating alone


To dark boughs of nightshades
I often wander into a tree
Tall, stout, leaveless and arid
Of abandoned outbended memory
Those sniffling tears fall loud
In air that’s dull and solemn
Of your no more breath induced
It becomes such a painful ennui
Together we played and slept
And now together has slept dear
In this tree like your bones
I linger like a stranded sailor’s misery
Pain is an unsolicited adventure
We often but not cope with and take
It makes life an elegy if one understands
Nonetheless it is a fruitful tree
A forbidden act of ruing affliction
This love against nirvana breaths
Yet a pleasure in one’s bones it seeps
Once looked for it could never be freed
Yet I roam back to this stump
I know you loved me away
This dear pain I contempt
Reminds me of our lost days.

Waiting On Me 

I stand by the night
For the times we had fights
To keep us from the cold and hunger

I remember when I hurt you
You hid under the bed
And now somethin in me is dead
For what I did all the time
And I could never change it back.

You loved and taught me
Kept me, haunting
For the debt that I owe
And never paying back.

I remember the times
When you worked like chimes
And made my world blossom
With the sound of yours.

Now it all is uneven
And I couldn’t believe in
What’s left of you and what’s not
Left of my loving you.

For the time when you died
You looked deep in my eyes
Maybe you fought to survive
And I couldn’t help you.

And now when I look at the bed
I am half torn to death
That left my hand stained
In your breaking breaths.

And when I knew you were gone
I knew no right and no wrong
I cried and not cried
I still feel the pain.

Now these clouds they fall
And the thunder that calls
In the nights so alone
I am waiting on to you.

The love that I lost
Is half life that it costs
And I wait on you to come
When I know I gave you to river.

It haunts me still
Your mouth open and still
As you went with the flow
And I never turned back.

I will pay the debt
One day when I will rest
And maybe I’ll find you
Waiting on me…


One more failure
She heard but none did call
One more battle lost
One more fall
One more day
Full of gloomy dismay
One more ‘what they will say’
One more bawl
One more hopelessness
In uncertain stroll
One more wrecked thought
One more ‘don’t face open gates’
One more moral nought

Questions stormed the head
One more time again
How to take pressure in
How to break the chain
One to many times
She had let them down
She was meant to be someone
One that she could not noun
What would she tell them
What if they would not talk
‘One more reason to be ashamed’
In society a morally perilous walk
‘I am no good a child’
One more time she supposed
Gruesomely uncanny shame
Grind her soul as it imposed
One more hurdle in breath
Catching fire in her throat
Compelling her self esteem null
One more defiled loath
Kaleidoscope of life ended that night
Knotted from fan as herself she topped
One more page she wrote
The last at which none laughed
‘To mom and dad, forgive me,
One last time do kiss me’
And there goes one more
One more who never did score.

Bird and the Moon

A bird caught in a fall
Bubbled in its nest
Cuddled in tersey gall
Drowned in smother crest
Embarked a teary tale
Flagrant and so pale
Grunted as it did call
Hearse and friends to wail
Imbibed on broken love
Jumbled by windy screech
Knew he once flew above
Longed once to be the reach
Muffled by glittering moon
No reason to his gloom
Other than covet so dark
Poignance of squelching doom
Quiet for days to come
Redeemed its hurting name
Sang an elegiac hum
To moon who had it tamed
Undid the love it lost
Views that went to frost
Who knew that it would go
Xenon like missed to wast
Yearning of once to live
Zenith that tried to sew
A bird caught in a fall
Who could have had it all

A Wedding Hymn

I am getting married today
Dressed in grey and blue
Flowers I picked from gardens
I am bringing them for you

I have bought you a blanket
White not, It’s purple
Your favorite chocolate and candies
I can’t tell you the hurdle

I am bringing wails and rains
Certainly not something you admire
Embers around I would go seven steps
I though am not going to love this fire

I have called all the friends
Asked them to bring you gifts
Called them twice to be assured
I think I should use a lift

I can’t drive after yesterday
So I am gonna be a little late
Unlike always you could wait
I am not in the best of my state

I am getting married today
To the ache of your absence
Voice of you is driving me insane
In our madding distance

It is our wedding date
I am looking at the invitation card
It’s got our picture on it
I never knew today we would part

Even If It Breaks Your Heart

She giggled on the streets
Sweeping the dust of her fate
And danced as she ate sweets
She got at temple for her faith

And from cold winds she hid
In the old, dirty, tattered quilt
With siblings three to two to one
Eldest of all drowned in guilt

Her giggles scorched the heat with warmth
Warm water didn’t bother her throat
Summers tanned her skin not soul
A heart diagram she ever wrote

Rains wet her hopes of bread
She spent days of hunger to grey nights
Giggle still wraped around her lips
To console unfed mother’s writhes

She sung a song of hope and spirit
‘Even if it breaks your heart, go on’
She could have been a poet who sings
Miserable world at times is won

And yet she giggled in uncertain toils
And defeated her pains as a kid
She was but growing up in foils
She had now her breasts to be hid

No pads, no clothes, no cottons
The blood of puberty would use paper
She giggled yet streets didn’t
Now sweets temples not but glares did offer

In winters she kept awake at nights
Whenever she heard passing men laugh
She was somewhat glad for her siblings
They didn’t get to get ugly youthful draft

Heat of summer burned her body
Warm sensations bothered her throat
Tanned souls she found around
Lust diagrams drawn men on roads

Rains now wet everything she owned
Hopes, a body, youth and a laugh
Profane words wrapped around her lips
To ward sick twisted people off

She remembered her song she ever sang
It was no means in her world
‘Could have been a boy instead,
‘Miserable a girl’ she cursed, ‘unfurled.’

Rusting Air

Birds chirp what tragic sound
Clouds stir the grey above
Soil cries in hopeless bound
Breeze howls for withering dove

As raw mind could loose a hell
As sad clown could scare the cheer
Who calls upon a foul spell
And leads our central form to fear

For last of water calls for war
For red air scorches critters’ lungs
All elements go waste so far
And all the glory songs that sung

And she knows she built up
To break and follow same essay
He thinks he owns it, cry of wisdom
So goes on walking, sin to pray

Now she’s arid not green, not blue, not rhythmic
She’s going to bring a fruitful change
And bring a havoc to all she made
Unique, beautiful, lost yet strange

For birds don’t chirp a single sound
They are the bones long decayed
Clouds stir the acid surround
And fall blistering and dismayed

Soil shifts in air, now boundless
Free from restrictions, unable to give
Breeze howls now a smell of stress
She finds no form that used to live

A Yellow Afternoon

Wind of the noon
After a silent Monday-bloom
Quiet noises of silence
Storms of stillness
With a hymn of loneliness
Sing me a lullaby of your eyes
Filled with sadness of life
Sight that parallels worldly lies
And warm sun that shines
Like a skin made of gold, just gold
Like yours in a world of burning coal
And smiles of all the bees and stingers
Go in vain without your childlike Joy

These quiet streets like your laughter now
Make me feel the world’s absence of itself
Like a Sunday afternoon without kins or friends
Neither enemies to call my own for cruel help
Waning like withering flower petals
Like those lips that shiver forever
No embrace that’s better than cold metals
An aloof, solemn, non-damaging fever
The sadness of summer wind plays that music
Of your slowly drowning heartbeats
Which felt once like a carnival of colors
Bursting, firing, burning, drumming
It fades like a white from white

There that time when it was okay
When your heart wasn’t a child’s play
I never knew that we are made of burnt clay
And now all that we have is sand like Arabia
And feelings like a grass waiting for rain
I could cry enough but tears are vapor
And I see it dying far from my hands
On the dunes of sorrow you sit
Like it’s the end of a never-ending tale
That starts all over again
In a different world
Where we will meet again
To play our worldless void of pain

Fireballs and Ice

Once there was a little lamb
To be a healer was her aim
She was sent to the Camb
They sold whatever was in name

She worked late hours at night
Carried hay and eyed the lamps
Smiled and cried often little fright
She braved out the uphill tramps

Father knew she’ll make her proud
Sheeps resented the notion o’ ‘healer lamb’
Mother pulled her out of the crowd
Good fate would steal her lamb

She grew and grew, she was learnt
Came back to meadow, sickened hood
Her deacon hoped she’ll worth the oil burnt
Aimed fate probably wasn’t that good

She went out, starry night was when
Deacon Mare lead her to green field
What she thought was a passerby was a wolf’s den
Fragile they were but not weak to yield

Wolves attacked and she ran for life
Deacon tried to get her alright
Terror reigned their bodies, shivered
A pleasant eve bye, horrific and dried

Wolves bit her one by one
Played her to her very last bone
They threw her out of den when done
Deacon struggled but was to stone

She struggled to live, said, ‘don’t want to die’
Parents cried and hoped she would survive
There was a riot against all wolves
Jungle went at unrest this time

Lions were troubled if the lamb lived by
The riots would upset and end their reign
Promises were made, medics were called
Lamb was sent to secretly shatter and fall

News came to their mourn and lamb died
Jungle wept, baffled for their Fearless
Jungle swept in lambs’ revolutionary tides
Wolves were sentenced was told to press

Lambs kept dying by heinous wolves
Lions’ promises to keep them safe were lies
Who would tell they were caught up
In a world of fireballs and ice.