She said it’s a warfare
Said to pick up myself
She said it’s not fair
Said we need our help
I followed her through the gas
I followed her against Shields
She said there’s no pass
Said strentgh grows in the fields

I cried and I lied
I forgot who I was
I feared of being fied
I was smaller than a grass
She led me to light
Said put trust in your heart
I had never fought a fight
I had to have a man’s heart

Said why my right is less
I am as much as one is
She said hopes stress
I am of soil and its bliss
She said there are colours
I have yet to play
Said Beauty always differs
I need to see to stay

Why can’t you love and laugh
If it’s every bit of world
Why is a man to stop
When a beautiful weapon words
When the world is sure to change
Why grow barren inside
If the love is strange of strange
Why even then to hide



The roads are long
But the days are not
World is sleeping
But the night is not
Your hopes are lost
But you are not
Your thoughts are weary
But your heart is not

So walk up to sun
And raise your hands
Keep on going
For you still stand
And make the best
Through the gold coast strand
Be gentle as moon
For he’s your friend

You know tears vet
But wet may not
You seem to lose
You are lost yet not
Pick up your fight
Cause the world may not
For battles do cry
But the peace does not

So go to sleep
So that you wake up
Leave your worries
Let’s not light them up
And when you wake
Prepare to go straight up
Over the world
That tried to string you up

And when you make it
There’s a calm of wind
Of the mountains
All those you had to win
Still a journey to make
Still a life to spin
So keep on going
With a high held chin

This Snow

This snow
White like your pearls
This snow
Cold and unforgiving
Like your heart.
This snow
Falling like we fell apart

This snow
Knows no place no people
This snow
Touches like your measures
On my skin.
This snow
People fear like our love sin

This snow
Playing with the wind
This snow
Same way you play with me
And my head.
This snow
Must be a quilt and forever bed

This snow
Do you see and do you feel
This snow
Like our pain it’s so real
And bleeds the sky.
This snow
Then one day it too goes by

Thaws like the memories
Oh! snow
Like your promises and dreams
Once Again we will all be here.


For the stars come out
Not beating
And my thoughts are loud

Can you hear?
Can you see the ghost?
That’s here
Of the dreams you lost
And I’m
Still waiting for call
That you
Will never make out

Can you bring the light that’s gone?
All the heartless times we’re on our own

Is the sin of art
That we
To find
Our pieces apart

Can you stay?
Can you build a home?
That you say
That’s our own
And I
Go to sleep when it’s dawn
Maybe I
Will once be found

Can you set my freedom free?
A cold dream I’ll no longer see.

A World In Black And White

I waited by the end of the night
To see the kaleidoscope at daybreak
Instead I witnessed death of the light
That kept me from falling world wreck

Morning came when Colors were gone
Like they were never here with us
Meadows darked and humans were con
Lillies withered with that dead nimbus

Rising smoke and clouds were grey
So were my hair and my thoughts
Rest of the world had fallen prey
Surrendered to stains and their rots

I saw my sleeves on grey’s either side
A world of despair, black and white