Be Here Long

Put my mind to sleep I’m awake
Dream and put my eyes at stake
Stars are falling and I run
Mind is set on the long lost fun
Swimming in the ground of despair
Sinking when I don’t stay here

I don’t get to choose yet
As long as it’s not waking death
I don’t have to lose yet
As long as I can still bet

Sun is falling far behind
Shadows run now lights that blind
You don’t get to choose to hurt me
As long as you say I am free
Wind is sailing oceans I have watched
Swim of torn soul that forever laughed

You don’t get to choose yet
As long as I feel my heart’s not dead
I won’t let you lose yet
As long as I haven’t won the bet

Shut the world and open my heart
Let all that’s broken fall apart
Dreams that lay with losing tries
Blood that now fills my eyes
But you don’t let go of aching head
Put my mind to sleep on forest bed

But I am not losing yet
Put it all together and keep it set
You don’t get to break me yet
As long as you don’t cut me dead



If I wait for you all my life,
Would you be mine?
If I know there’s something beyond
And there’s no society there,
Not the years, not the tears,
Neither an eternity nor a still,
Just a beyond beyond beyond.
Till death we do part
Would you be mine after death?
If these eyes stop seeing
And heart stops beating,
Ears work no more,
Neither could the touch work.
And there’s no obligation,
Neither a regret nor pride,
Would I see you by my side?
You don’t have to say,
Just look at me and nod.
I know the world is treacherous,
There’s no escape for us.
If I can’t feel you till death,
Would you run to me if I wait?
I have been shedding tears,
Making room for when I would see you,
In the beyond beyond beyond.
Would you be in that place?
Neither nothing nor a fair,
No dust or a day.
Where my wait would measure,
All wait that I stay.
You don’t have to come,
If doesn’t run your will,
But would this pain be worth then?
To death if I wait in your name,
After this day, would I see you again?
You don’t have to cry,
Just nod,
Would we meet in the beyond beyond beyond?


If you were by my side
Beside me on the deck
Looking into the water
And my heart wasn’t a wreck

If you were in my arms
Like a child asleep
Maybe I won’t have thoughts of
Being lost in the deep

And if you knew the touch of
Shattered homes and a life
Was not easy to get through
Tears and heart on knife

If you were to see my eyes
If in them you had seen
Maybe you’d know the suffer
Of what we could’ve been

If my fingers tremble
If yours knew the way
To help me not remember
All the words you wouldn’t say

If sky was not a blue patch
And world was never green
It sure would be the colour
The most that I’ve seen

If only I didn’t love you
And we never had a thing
I wouldn’t know where to focus
And it’s a sweet nothing

So if you know that I love you
Would you come here running?
And save me from the water
That calls me for homecoming.

Fall’s Long Night

The way you play dice on me
Half way down the head
The way you sway to and fro
Half splatter world on thread

Way you go, way you air
More than the full of ado
Bawls to full moon my shadow
Way haunted spell of voodoo

And the conceit of your want
Way to brash harrow deceit
Surges my half heart to wane
Way you smeared mellow forfeit

Waped soul of stringent dove
Alas! Oh heaven, is this love?


How do I tell you
This pain doesn’t feel right
Ghost of you 
Keeps staring at me at night

And when I sleep
It slips through my lids
Grows like a tumour
Like nail, deep it hits

I run and I quit
It tells me of fear
Words run like papercut
And I bleed my dear

With anxiety I wake up
And day weeps
Often I forget you
Then again ghost seeps

And you probably sleep
And work as you do
I sink in ache
The one once you knew

And as you give
What you get and then breed
You made me like you
Except you now pay no heed

And now I am haunted
Slashed of your touch
That ghost whispes to me
I just don’t die much.

Ocean Eyes

The way you stride the aisle
Thousands of ballerinas coy
Toppled the seraphs in heaven
To my feriah’s laughter toy

Urging the feet of those who watch
Up and to dance in your gleam
Under the stars wind is brewed
Unending debauch at your seams

Vexed the pride of Hera
Versed to Keats’ immense rhyme
Valley of Flowers is envious
Voice like Beethoven’s chimes

Watch a beautiful bride under seven skies
Wonder that drapes beholder of Ocean Eyes

A Snake and A Post

Slithering in cold lines
Not ready to let go
For missing what it gave
And no one would know.

The cold moon on ruins
On Ghost walked streets
Damp, dark, mortared homes
Loneliness where seeps.

Seeking place to place
To find what went away
In cold skin that waits
Eyes turned stone grey.

Sun blisters city so alone
Where he searches maiden home
Lost in debris windy dust
Never ended his solemn roam.

The panic dried cry sight
And a post that remains
Same even in years of grief
Even even in heartbreak stains

Little Kite

Once there was a kite

Paper made and threaded

Little one in bigger wind

Skywards it headed
Land was far away

And clouds were way up

Flew with birds and airplanes

High was still not enough
Then came the storm

And cold wind of hurling rain

Drops fell and she ran

To home screaming with pain
‘No matter where one goes

And no matter what one gives

When trouble comes one runs

To where once one lived,
‘And once the storm is gone

One goes again to find

What makes existence meaningful

What helps grow the mind.
‘so remember where you come from

You might have to go back

To find what made and kept you

And sometimes to give it back.’