Rumble of the fire in my chest
Tremble catching up in the soul
Verge of all desire in my legs
Surges my longings to a hole

Yearning that ever exasperates
Learning of the vile for this thirst
Got me loathing for shame it creates
Rot my sanity to a foil that’s worst

This thirst that they say consumes all
Bliss of lust and skin rips us apart
Has made me a slime and I crawl
Lash my filthy body and wormy heart

Thirst of impure want in my head
Bursts with impurity in this bed


Bird and the Moon

A bird caught in a fall
Bubbled in its nest
Cuddled in tersey gall
Drowned in smother crest
Embarked a teary tale
Flagrant and so pale
Grunted as it did call
Hearse and friends to wail
Imbibed on broken love
Jumbled by windy screech
Knew he once flew above
Longed once to be the reach
Muffled by glittering moon
No reason to his gloom
Other than covet so dark
Poignance of squelching doom
Quiet for days to come
Redeemed its hurting name
Sang an elegiac hum
To moon who had it tamed
Undid the love it lost
Views that went to frost
Who knew that it would go
Xenon like missed to wast
Yearning of once to live
Zenith that tried to sew
A bird caught in a fall
Who could have had it all


Things were subtle, things were fine
In things rubble, a heart was mine
Covert in the heart, things to define
Things like him, hard were to find

A thing named love, thing named try
Both things once merged, made me cry
A thing that’s me, he never saw around
Things named tears, made me blind

Things in these things, things in my mind
Things named hurt, pain and strife
Once things these come, home in the head
A Thing named desire, burnt my life

Things that he said, things that he didn’t
Things that I thought, things that wouldn’t
In this thing what I felt, I put it on rewind
And thing named ruin, kept on the grind

These things in this world, hurdle my path
A thing named loath, would be the aftermath
Things are not simple, things are not hard
Thing is just this, I am burning in this wrath

I hope these things, would come to an end
Things named stranger, things named friend
In a thing named grave, he could come to see me
In a thing named death, I will have my mend

Seeping world

A bulking fear raised him up
Caught deep down in self degradation
Endlessly fumbled in fouled rub
Gushed heartache in suppression

In jaded days locked up in his room
Killed laughter, oh father’s wrong love
Must not have gone in such bloom
Only pure if was Papa’s shove

Quietly relapsed in his worm bed
Squealed testicles daily in lust
Under veiled he in his old man’s weight
Whole childhood gone to the rust

Years passed and old man finally slept
Zeroed encased pigeon, he finally wept

A Wedding Hymn

I am getting married today
Dressed in grey and blue
Flowers I picked from gardens
I am bringing them for you

I have bought you a blanket
White not, It’s purple
Your favorite chocolate and candies
I can’t tell you the hurdle

I am bringing wails and rains
Certainly not something you admire
Embers around I would go seven steps
I though am not going to love this fire

I have called all the friends
Asked them to bring you gifts
Called them twice to be assured
I think I should use a lift

I can’t drive after yesterday
So I am gonna be a little late
Unlike always you could wait
I am not in the best of my state

I am getting married today
To the ache of your absence
Voice of you is driving me insane
In our madding distance

It is our wedding date
I am looking at the invitation card
It’s got our picture on it
I never knew today we would part

A Search

Walking down the village canal
Thirst stricken bound to survive
With three young cubs to wall
Tempered head in fear did thrive

Visiting place by place in scorching heat
Sublime skinned and strong heart
Verge of courage to walk the feet
Surge in defence to family’s Ward

Unlike the jungle she feared predators
Roaming on the infertile hard soil
Urging to claim her home, intruders
ravaging the world, balance spoils

Then she halt and drunk relief found
Quintessential perimeter now achieved
Tumbled by bullet as she turned around
Quickly up to guard offsprings bereaved

Succumbed to sticks and human effort
Powerless she gave up on the ground
Since she entered snatched land of dirt
Paws of might lost threatening sound


Tremble and trickle and trodden
Tinseled your aura, like a dream
Twinkle this in my eyes broadened
Wrinkled my dreams do scream

Under your charm that’s seen by
Undone I found me from plight
Upwards I thought I would fly
Xenon like you went off sight

Vendor of smiles left me penured
Visited by mayhem of love
Vested in your touch I to be cured
Yet poisoned from heavens above

Zest of your desire left me colder
Zeroed-in my fire an icy shoulder

Even If It Breaks Your Heart

She giggled on the streets
Sweeping the dust of her fate
And danced as she ate sweets
She got at temple for her faith

And from cold winds she hid
In the old, dirty, tattered quilt
With siblings three to two to one
Eldest of all drowned in guilt

Her giggles scorched the heat with warmth
Warm water didn’t bother her throat
Summers tanned her skin not soul
A heart diagram she ever wrote

Rains wet her hopes of bread
She spent days of hunger to grey nights
Giggle still wraped around her lips
To console unfed mother’s writhes

She sung a song of hope and spirit
‘Even if it breaks your heart, go on’
She could have been a poet who sings
Miserable world at times is won

And yet she giggled in uncertain toils
And defeated her pains as a kid
She was but growing up in foils
She had now her breasts to be hid

No pads, no clothes, no cottons
The blood of puberty would use paper
She giggled yet streets didn’t
Now sweets temples not but glares did offer

In winters she kept awake at nights
Whenever she heard passing men laugh
She was somewhat glad for her siblings
They didn’t get to get ugly youthful draft

Heat of summer burned her body
Warm sensations bothered her throat
Tanned souls she found around
Lust diagrams drawn men on roads

Rains now wet everything she owned
Hopes, a body, youth and a laugh
Profane words wrapped around her lips
To ward sick twisted people off

She remembered her song she ever sang
It was no means in her world
‘Could have been a boy instead,
‘Miserable a girl’ she cursed, ‘unfurled.’


Moon in the clouds grey and white
Maneuvers through sky alone
Muffled in halo and sun’s light
Night surface’s  precious stone

Navigator, Narrator and Noble
Nugget of fables and peaceful
Nickel shine and lover’s global
Old yet beautiful, forever youthful

Over head shines in every season
Of poets’ and for nocturnal life
Owned by the needy of every region
Polite, pure and poignant strife

Penned down by ages for beauty
Power yielded to its glory
Perching in space-time for its duty
Quiet, round, sun-kissed territory

Upon the chariot of thoughts run
Urban, rural, suburban, unbiasedly bright
Uniting far departed hearts as one
Vital, wonderful and for Xmas light

Your, mine, a symbol of everything this Luna
Zenith’s spectacle, a rhyme, a love this Luna


Show up if beholder laughs hard
And turn down that hurt in past
Appear when heart breaks like stars
And make forget smile last

Define the deepest feelings
Or tell of the mesmerized heart
Or flow for nothing or sight stealing
Or when for remembrance of start

Mystic for every phase of breath
Smeared in emotions of any kind
Supple like ocean tides spread
Song of the start to end in rewind

These tears talk more than the beholder
Thunder, melody, rain or smoulder