Having a glimpse of you last december
I thought I could die you’re so beautiful, I remember
I didn’t say a word, with a fear in my heart
I tried to look away and notice you from afar
Three months passed and there was I
Heartbroken, warding off my demons
And all of a sudden I felt a windfall
I saw you standing there, making those desperate calls
I never knew i’d end up, falling in love
Never knew you’d take me to fall by falls
Three times in row you proposed
I was a monster baby, I opposed
Never understood till yet why I said yes at last
And remember I was scared?
I hoped prayed that you’d stay, change your mind
And all the times I sent you to slumber
I muttered by your side, all bad things I could remember
I told my fears while you slept
And all of your secrets those I kept
You were broken baby you’d lost your dad
I tried to ease your pain, I was your friend
But remember how you treated me bad
When I tried to fight for what we had
And when I had nothing to say at all
I was the culprit and a goat dead
Days passed I thought we’d make it last
But you said you wanted it for a year
I kept strong though I had it blurred

And I can recall how you were crying out of love
Like nothing was there you wouldn’t give up
I said i’d keep you strong, stop crying baby move along
You said you wanted to be my reason to cry
Yeah baby you made my heart bleed dry
Can you go back to the memory where you’d ask for my pictures
You’d call me up whole day, keep sending my name written pictures
And now it seems so clear
When you said you lost your passion
Like I was an old rag in your closet, called off fashion
So I baby walked out for the good
How I broke my dedication
So are we good now as you go away
But never told me what i’d do with secrets with which i’d stay
I’m not in the clear
I’m not in the clear!