We’ll build this home with stones

From the mountains in our bones

Of the love that seeps through our skin

We’ll leave a few cracks to let light in.

Through the days we’ll hang our years

On the walls if we tremble in fear

And the nights we’ll burn our lights

To bring home all the birds on flight.

With every memory on the floor

We’ll sleep on behind the open doors

To welcome our pieces that had gone

To let them in before the last dawn.

We’ll wash it with our last tears

Of the laughter that’ll bring us near

To all that we were when we were kids

And remember all that we ever did.

And our hearts will rest in embrace

In our chests they’ll still race

In the comfort and warmth of these walls

In the winters, in the summers, in the falls.

And one day we’ll close our eyes

Under the roof of the mountains wise

We’ll sleep just for one last time

With all that is yours and mine.


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