A Nursery

In the graveyard of stars

A shell that shrills and streaks

Hurls to the side on the large

Zens for eons, for months, for weeks

Go to the puddle the reflection of fires

Younger the dust and new wind

Forging a place for a million choirs

Xenon the silence in the new grind

Everything expands exponentially

What would wage without wonders

Dragging daunting days daily

Vivaciously varied vast vendors

Call the life and life sparks maiden

Under the graveyard, a nursery in mayhem.


Despair Song

My tears have fed my sight
My breaths have dried my throat
As the world this tender broke
My footprints fled the road

My heart has wounding heal
And my soul has clogging wings
With a zealous touch of weal
My chords are mending strings

My hopes are dry with lark
My world is falling still
Yet my passion is strong
To have the downfalls fill

My death must live once but now
For my life is learning to-how.

A World In Black And White

I waited by the end of the night
To see the kaleidoscope at daybreak
Instead I witnessed death of the light
That kept me from falling world wreck

Morning came when Colors were gone
Like they were never here with us
Meadows darked and humans were con
Lillies withered with that dead nimbus

Rising smoke and clouds were grey
So were my hair and my thoughts
Rest of the world had fallen prey
Surrendered to stains and their rots

I saw my sleeves on grey’s either side
A world of despair, black and white

Fall’s Long Night

The way you play dice on me
Half way down the head
The way you sway to and fro
Half splatter world on thread

Way you go, way you air
More than the full of ado
Bawls to full moon my shadow
Way haunted spell of voodoo

And the conceit of your want
Way to brash harrow deceit
Surges my half heart to wane
Way you smeared mellow forfeit

Waped soul of stringent dove
Alas! Oh heaven, is this love?

A Poem Of Dedication

Stars have shown a moving sign
Numbered under dark’s reign
Night sought a calmer design
Not to flinch your marvel seen

No affliction, no sobbing sighs
Setting in breeze’s breathing rhyme
Embarks to your ocean eyes
Some tender tranquil soothing chime

En-route to life you taught a feel
Liberating souls, you sail away when
Nowhere shall I see a greater steal
Like you did of hearts once then

Now a night is your love’s emblem
Marvelled in memories you left the gem

Dead March

The moments of sadness
Some tears and some thoughts
Sinking eyes in sinking madness
Sailed in heart’s despairing knots

So broad and little moving
Gave the spin to still world
Dazzling eyes had images grooving
Grieving memories unfurled

Dead march, that June, a skimpy year
Renowned for things gone and broke
Each salt fell right under wounded fur
Run for rue that then led me stroke

Each day falls deeper in darkening light
To bereave me solemn in starry nights

A Laughing Kid

All the times when he braved
Catalogue of life in hands dry
Embers in his heart flickered
Giving the hope to strife high

In between the sheets of pain jumbled
Kneading the cracked soil of life that lays
Mouth open to the rain of the nights
Ought to be a love in that above place

Quelled would be this past remembrance
Someday, he hoped as he hid broken tears
Until then he learned to be viable
With everyone’s grief, pretended he xenoned fears

Years to come to find a love that does yield
Zero be the past, where in those arms is future zeal

A dream

I slept in war and had a dream
Pale moonlight overtook the sun
Wind in my tunic left a scream
Drawn to the windmill I saw people run

Knights were bathed in silver streams
Raised sad swords to win the west
Yellow king had his soul redeemed
Fields were blank with clouds to rest

Mourning widows in black did go
To tombs I saw thousands in woods
All stars were red and burning so slow
Hundreds of arrows were falling on hoods

Overt was death as she walked with me
Vigilante she was for war she’d see

Two Cities

Came fast rumble feet of troops
Visited the mortuary of wasted
Crumbled stones, whips and songs
Raided mosques of charred prays

Cramped the affection walking past
Laid the formation of surging scars
Called upon lords of fallen lands
Hollowed out the spirits in wars

Called and called till sound dried
Baffled bombs fell exploded
Collapsed past resting flesh she laid
Unraveled that day life from dead

That’s how fable ended of that land
Tearing apart all night troops did stand


Rumble of the fire in my chest
Tremble catching up in the soul
Verge of all desire in my legs
Surges my longings to a hole

Yearning that ever exasperates
Learning of the vile for this thirst
Got me loathing for shame it creates
Rot my sanity to a foil that’s worst

This thirst that they say consumes all
Bliss of lust and skin rips us apart
Has made me a slime and I crawl
Lash my filthy body and wormy heart

Thirst of impure want in my head
Bursts with impurity in this bed