This news hasn’t been fanatically new
It’s quite old and same as you it’s true
People word rumour that i’ve fallen for a few
And nothing as mild i’ve been through

This news certainly carries some rue
For us in our muss our love does grue
Faith is blind belief you say
Belief is the harbinger of the trust we sew

How far we’ve come now
It breaks our coactioning hearts to look back
After everything we granted to stake, never lacked
Would the past matter as the feelings do?

Whatever you heard was through me
I could be understood as player by clues
But true, I never liked to be alone too
Not as pure as the taste of your world’s hue

Could we grant a torment to nothing
Move along the bend to something
Everything that was past doesn’t stand between us
Anything is appreciable but not us so blue

Come on, come under and hear my heart stutter
Open up your eyes as you slumber and I mutter
Known by the fact you lighten up my world
I could be nothing but a pal in lover

Why do you have to put it to ulu
I can’t explain but ask you
Colors shouldn’t fade now
Hold it closer, your love as you do.
Oh this news is nothing but true
Few be past, stay always, forever i’m fallen for you.