Her way!

I fell in love with her the most natural way
she broke my heart the most natural way
in and out, i’m being, of the feelings
trying to keep my heart together the most natural way

she said, she said she’s crying for me
and her tears streamed the most natural way
she confessed something she’s feeling renew
and I held her close the most natural way

then she fetched her name with mine
and sent me the photographs
sooner my pictures lost colors as autumn
my heart shuddered out of fear the most natural way

the love she wanted whole day
now she felt annoyed when I did
when she’d call for the sake once a day I had nothing to say
she’d pushed me to the limits of my most natural way

now she felt pity that she made me love her
while she wasn’t in love anymore
she’d call me out of empathy
i’d ask her never to call me again the broke natural way

almost two months and i’m still not over this ache
she came and embedded the most natural way
i was a secret she didn’t tell her friends
a secret she killed the most natural way

little did she know I fancied her five months prior she fancied me
but I wanted her to be secured the most natural way
i never initiated, I wanted her not to be me
She damned what I was my most natural way

Now she’s nowhere to be found these days
Heard she’s partying, dancing the love away
I’m here trying to make sense of what she has left
Bruises on my heart carved her way

Secrets to keep, songs to weep, pictures to cringe
Mornings to nostalgia, nights to be lonely, heart to fix
She came like a tornado and left the mess
Can’t seem to find my old natural way

Cause she made me love her in heartbeats
She pushed us off the track so wildly
Now she’s running, running to somewhere
She’s burning in the back of my head, the most natural way!


The lonely rock

Back in space there was a lonely rock
Lingering into infinitely dark abyss
Expelled out of system by giant bow shocks
Hurling through the nothingness of cursed bliss

Travelling to infinitum without a single mate
Billions of years passed spinning the same
Looking to the sparkle points far away seemingly await
Never reaching the end in the interstellar game

Suddenly It passed by giants and nitty gritty fellows
Approaching the sun it cried in gases and dust of happiness
And an unexpected visitor named Rosetta said hellow
They Philae in love in spite of their shape and cleanliness

Now the grievance of eons by someone would be known
Isn’t it love which makes the things let be shown.


Trees of the drought
Standing stale and dry
Like the iron down the water
Corroded red and wry
Converse the pain of flesh and bones
Love comes mutely and goes with chaos
Crushed under the heavy breaths of submerged stones
Like Late Heavy Bombardment to the head from toes
And once in a while everytime
Dim air feels acute
Wrapped around weary teardrops
Everything sounds refute
It goes beyond the limits of endurance
Count it to nine, ten is the last
Another wale of the sinews
Heartbound to what soul goes rast
Devour on the stolen hatred
Borrowed happiness and vile calm of mind
Grow on the aftermath of everything
With speaking silence and view-full blind