Meet me where the night shades
When everyone sleeps and dark rests
While there is a choir of blood and lust
And all that was good goes to rust

Meet me and we shall dance
Unholy and unkind nocturnal romance
When all there that’s of night creeps
Creatures on flesh and wind weeps

A dichotomy of dreams n’ nightmares sewn
All the bats and cast out prunes
Those who are lost and dissembled
Seek our shadows cruel that are humble

Meet me and we shall be pestilence
Our dance must be of thanatos and silence
Let our creatures seek shelter in us
When we cast out the heaven, the formidable curse

Ours shall be the nights and days
Both dark and abundant of preys
Come when you know you shall
And we shall build our holy grail

You be devil’s mother, my nocturne bride
Who breaks God’s throne by my side
And cast him to hell where my brother awaits
And rule the timeless bloodless race


To dark boughs of nightshades
I often wander into a tree
Tall, stout, leaveless and arid
Of abandoned outbended memory
Those sniffling tears fall loud
In air that’s dull and solemn
Of your no more breath induced
It becomes such a painful ennui
Together we played and slept
And now together has slept dear
In this tree like your bones
I linger like a stranded sailor’s misery
Pain is an unsolicited adventure
We often but not cope with and take
It makes life an elegy if one understands
Nonetheless it is a fruitful tree
A forbidden act of ruing affliction
This love against nirvana breaths
Yet a pleasure in one’s bones it seeps
Once looked for it could never be freed
Yet I roam back to this stump
I know you loved me away
This dear pain I contempt
Reminds me of our lost days.

West horizon are you red?
Or is it the eastern sky?
Is it the sunlight you see?
Or it is a trick of my eye?
Maybe you are red maybe blue
Or is it no colour?
Maybe it’s what i want it to
Say if the same say the other
Is the sun lost or it is fog?
All silver and cold and damp
Maybe i want to dance for it
Tell me if you are hiding my lamp
Where are the birds oh West?
Or it is just your trick
Making me see what you want to
Weaving my rejoice with your picks
Where is, where are goofy monkeys?
Are they not visiting town today?
As much i recall it’s not off
Have you gooned them that it is sunday?
Such mischiefs you specious sky
All this wonder and no clue
I keep my wonder i know not why
Everything is ambiguous of you.

Black Witch is rising on the moon
The cold breeze yelling
And soothing cursed boon
She’s riding on the air as it drifts low
Spells are dancing over mayhem
Of silent shroud of snow
When night rises she walks down the streets
She howls and she hymns
Looking for the feeds
Close your windows and bolt the doors
Silence your wailing children
Shut down the chores
If she hears she will knock three times a row
Tempt you to answer
Home will blight before you know
She flies and she laughs and she says her name
She died when she was seven
She still stills the blame
Your father burned her alive at the stake on oak
Her sister oiled tins
With fear she soaked
Whole town watched and chanted ‘Burn
The witch’ she heard
And now it’s your turn
She will make dolls out of your skin
And heave the memoirs
Of her starving kins
Do you think curse leaves and deeds don’t return?
All seasons wither once
After death she learned
So now she’s back and your town sleeps
Chanted rocks built homes
Will not hold her weeps
She will cry, she will laugh, she will bring the death
Hold your dear ones
And count their breaths.

When there in coffin
Rests the human lore
And the little hearts
Tremble at the Gore
And hate grows big
Larger than a peace
There cry cities
Bordered within piece
Let hand reach the sun
And legs walk the earth
Eyes dream the truth
And lips wish of mirth
For every war in waste
To reach peace is whim
Then shriek is whisper
And sink a swim
Flowers when glow gloom
And thorns do blossom bloom
Minutes are a forever
Airs are the fumes
Let the love remember then
All the time it slept
Everything was devour
For how humanity wept

​गर तुम ये सोच रहे कि अभी जिंदगी खत्म है

तो तुमने जिद सीखी ही नहीं

पूछा था हमने पतवार से

जो ले चली थी नय्या मझधार में

हिलती-डुलती, थपेड़े खाती

लड़ती हुई, लड़खड़ाती हुई

कभी डूबती तो कभी उतरती

बोल उठी हँस के वो

क्यूँ सोचता है इतना

रुक जाते हैं तेरे कदम

कि कदमों की आवाज ही तो रास्ते का साज है

जिद कर, जिद से ही है तेरी जिंदगी

जिद से ही तेरी आवाज है।

Lights they come
Dark that flows
In the tear and the sew
Sees that she knows.
Wrinkles that run
And nevergaze fun
She waters her tatters
She tries to forget
All that she knows.
She knows those dreams
Nightmares and reality
She knows the sun
The cold and cruelty.
Her bosom is stained
Her legs logged in blood
Sagging breasts bear wind
Sleeping in the mud.
Her room is empty
Light comes by day
Someone left her
She remembers someone did
She barely recalls the face
And tears don’t trace
Her memory that didn’t stay
Her eyes are waiting
Stoned, still, lifeless
Waiting for something
Perhaps for someone.
She looks at her hands
She tended, whom did she do?
She can’t remember
She wants to remember.
She fears the door
Outside eats at her heart
She fumbles and shrinks
In her bosom, bare.
There’s a hope inside
She writhes but knows not
What is it for?
Does she hope for food?
Or is it death?
Perhaps for someone
Perhaps for something
She can’t remember her name.
Who is she?
Where did she come from?
Where is she now?
She was a mother
Her bosom tells her
But what is a mother?
She doesn’t remember at all.
Her heart pounds strongly
What does it pound for?
The craving must be old
Such strong cravings are often
But what does it crave for?
Perhaps for something
Perhaps for someone
World must end at her room.
What has she done to be here?
What made her end up here?
Perhaps something
Perhaps someone.