A Queen

About a time I tell a tale
A queen mother I bid a vale
Barbaric was a battle to
Beseech a kid in cradle new
Catching hurdle to be dosed
Cross to them was peril posed
Dread knocked on fort of her
Dire to pride was to suffer

Enraged she rose to fight the war
Ever seen so in foreign far?
Fastened the sword and shield she did walk
For right that vested in palace rocks
Gave up the social woman chores
Got son on her back, on her Badal horse
Horse that brave and loyal friend
Hollered with queen in her defence

Initiated a battle to hold the pride
In loud swords and bombs begun the fight
Jaguar like her horse had valour
Jhansi bathed in blood in galore
Kenned her the British as forceful might
Kiln was her terror in their greedy sight
Lurked the terror as it saw her power
Laid in shame when cower saw her

Marched Badal higher as she clashed
Mural was he when a few she slashed
Nowhere to go, behind steep and deep slope
Next they flew in valley of the hope
Over the course of brave two souls
Overwhelmed was god who wrote the roles
Paced down the death she drew her sword
Paralleled the attacks with mighty heart

Quelled the enemy as long she did breath
Quietus to live in pride and to death
Roared on road to Kaalpi and fought
Raising enemy that chased but not got
Surpassed her energy at last she grew slow
Surly enemies ended her but to everglow
Toughest was such daughter of Hind
To be found so rare in worldly wind

Upwards went her glory in the past
Utmost the valour in legend-vast
Versed forever is in earthly soil
Vehement was what that honour toil
What greater could be than that tale
Which turned the enemy faces pale

Years to come we’ll sing glory high
Zeal with pride of queen Laxmibai