Don’t be afraid

Everyone is fighting a battle. some are fighting for their own, some with their own, some foil to their own.
Running, running. You know what is your battle about if you know what is your greatest fear. And it’s no shame if it seems like your battle is small in front of others’. None’s gonna remember anyone untill the universe ceases to exist. It never matters if your name would be written on walls or not, what matters is how much satisfied you felt before you left.
Win your battle, bigger or small, because most of us die without winning it. And if you ever feel drained, just know to love and forgive enough, it’ll elevate you.
World is not a beautiful place at times, neither your heart is. Just don’t let them meet at the same time.  your battle doesn’t need an eclipse made of your own.


Fireballs and Ice

Once there was a little lamb
To be a healer was her aim
She was sent to the Camb
They sold whatever was in name

She worked late hours at night
Carried hay and eyed the lamps
Smiled and cried often little fright
She braved out the uphill tramps

Father knew she’ll make her proud
Sheeps resented the notion o’ ‘healer lamb’
Mother pulled her out of the crowd
Good fate would steal her lamb

She grew and grew, she was learnt
Came back to meadow, sickened hood
Her deacon hoped she’ll worth the oil burnt
Aimed fate probably wasn’t that good

She went out, starry night was when
Deacon Mare lead her to green field
What she thought was a passerby was a wolf’s den
Fragile they were but not weak to yield

Wolves attacked and she ran for life
Deacon tried to get her alright
Terror reigned their bodies, shivered
A pleasant eve bye, horrific and dried

Wolves bit her one by one
Played her to her very last bone
They threw her out of den when done
Deacon struggled but was to stone

She struggled to live, said, ‘don’t want to die’
Parents cried and hoped she would survive
There was a riot against all wolves
Jungle went at unrest this time

Lions were troubled if the lamb lived by
The riots would upset and end their reign
Promises were made, medics were called
Lamb was sent to secretly shatter and fall

News came to their mourn and lamb died
Jungle wept, baffled for their Fearless
Jungle swept in lambs’ revolutionary tides
Wolves were sentenced was told to press

Lambs kept dying by heinous wolves
Lions’ promises to keep them safe were lies
Who would tell they were caught up
In a world of fireballs and ice.

Little Birds

The western sky’s on fire
Smoke’s sweeping it drier
No birds are in nests anymore
In beaks they carried water

What do they dream to do
Now they’re saving their roof
I see a bird not moving ahead
He’s been always an aloof

What does it dream to pursue?
I heard whispers from its home
They are not hiding but to leave
It says, ‘the fire is wild like falling Rome

‘Two legs have come to carry it all
With arrows they all would fall
Eggs won’t be hatched
Youngs would wait till trees collapse

‘Time is to find a new home
You can’t have what they claim
Fire has seized whole forest
And two legs are ones to blame’

Western sky rained blood and birds that night
Little birds dropped water from their eyes
Fluttering wings lost their might
Treaty with two legs turned out lies

Aloof shed tears as it saw the western sky
In a different direction it had to fly
It had stopped them all to go that way
What they said was ‘hopes never die’