The grief of Orion- A Sonnet

the night so sore, the brittle of chest
harmony, your glor, does renew
supercells heart’s, oh my, to crest
soliloquy adore silence so blue

oblivion blabber, your tranquility oh mighty love
obscure the compass to which we are sew
melancholic reverb travest above
proclaim the death o’ Orion’s rescue

hindered in path, burlesque does world
part my lips, saved, does your touch
doomed the beauty, eyes oceans curl
ravished by your soul accidentally left to inferno glutch

Mourn I sit, lurch through the soul
depart grief takes, save your sight may whole.


Another Place- A Lullaby

It’s late night, my baby is sleeping and the rain is pouring down
And I can just drift away, drift away
to another place or town, she won’t know where she belongs
And all of her memories, will fade away
If I delay, she’ll get a life she doesn’t deserve at all
So I must skip away, to another place
And I should just get away, get away
From her!
Four months old, recognises my face and not my flaws
Without me, she’ll be okay
She doesn’t know her daddy’s a criminal, he’ll make her fall
So he must fade away, she’ll be okay
They needed a baby, I know they’ll keep you safe and sound
Your daddy will go away, go away
You’ll giggle and grow up on a safe holy ground
You’ll be happier, being away
From me!
I never knew, you’ll be my weakness, your mom is gone
Just for me, she passed away
If shouldn’t have had a gun but her hands in my hand
My mistake, you won’t suffer
I loved her but never knew what’s love at all
I regret, night and day
Don’t cry okay, they’ll keep you safer
Than I!
I’ve kept a letter, what you need and don’t like baby doll
It’s hard for me, it’s hard for you
But I know that you’ll make yourself brave
After all you’re her daughter, stronger
I’ll keep an eye untill they come and adopt you with full heart
I’ll be behind a wall, watching
Your dad must leave, no danger will be upon you now
I’ll fade away, fade away
So far!


The days of long run
Past and us meant one
Future breaks with today’s new sun
And I see you walking off

The reasons to stay anymore
Are in the ruins of our hearts
Gone like wind it seems
I couldn’t hold it after all

Your heart was a drum
I danced as it paced
Tangled in your smell
I couldn’t feel it after all

This mild wind will be wet
With all the tears that you wept
Frozen deep in my unheard calls
I fade as the love falls

This battle carries on
I won’t feel after all
But I think of you, yes I do
I fix the dreams, yes I do

Like a void in the space
Like a foil of the pace
Crashing in between the memories
I keep burning after all

Indelible, that’s what you are
Oh beautiful gold digger
Paradox of my heaven
The last breath where I halt

Dementia, see i’m gone
Still stuck here, oh my part
Torn into two but I do fine
Coming back to break and fall
But I don’t miss you after all
When I lie I don’t miss you at all
I miss you again, oh I miss you again!


Standing short
Hard to understand
There’s a mark
He tries to comprehend
People say it’s better
He sees it’s not
He’ll learn it latter
But he knows it’s not

What’s wrong what’s wrong?
Why can’t you do it?
He knows he tries
But he just can’t blow it
Hard to understand
Everything seems too tough
He knows he’s capable of
But he just can’t show it.

Days bye he grows
Not mad he knows
Mommy tried so hard along
No improvement he shows
He’s annoying people feel
But inside he glows
‘Special Kind’ mom say
But sometimes she too throws

He’s slow he’s weak
He messed up thrice this week
It’s complicated so overdue
Mad world and he’s blue
Mommy left this morning gone
She left him in the setting sun
Who’ll think he’s special now?
Seems life is a wrong run
He feels it’s a long run

Come back mom, none understands
Come back here, we’ll have a plan
Come back here, it’s hard to do
Come back mommy, everyone is rude!

Life goes on

things are so sad down there,
with no literal meaning
only adding to pain down there
tears keep reeling
he keeps feeling
he keeps dealing
and life goes on
in and out of meaning

everyone has their own story
his story is fumble
rolls deep down in the cracks of the heart
silent sobs keep rumble
deep within his mind
oh that beautiful mind
of secrets which jumble
he still behaves humble

scars and misery contemplate
over burlesque sights of his eyes
herald the moisture trapped within them
with deep silent and consuming sighs
Throughout the nights
sleepless and quiet nights
lamentable gross thoughts pass by
he proclaims the dead strides

the wounds that never sewed
the cage which never let him fly
in mind which doesn’t have pace
a soul which couldn’t hide
with blood-stained trace
which shows up to his face
drowned in self examining
he still keeps his grace
cause he knows the life goes on
that life goes on…
Oh the beautiful life goes on and on and on….

Rearrange and restart

Simple lives? Honorable live-outs? We think it all has gotten to others. Despite of thinking nothing, we think a lot. Others live better while we don’t. It’s the story of every single person. Lost love? You stuck there. Others are moving on, happy and delightful. You’re worn out unlike others. Don’t get a job? Others are making by, they are progressing but you’re not. Family crisis? Other’s are perfect, look at Bryan’s family, they are loving and happy and caring and all.

The fact is, you lost love, someone is losing his or her while a few had lost and got over it. You lose people, you don’t lose love because when you lose love, it doesnt hurt, You just become cold hearted. Relax a little, we all hit the rock bottom, we all have been there. Life halts for a while but it doesn’t stop, what matters is your approach towards it. Just know it, if you’re loving, love will be compensated. For as the Beatles said, ‘in the end, the love that you take is the love that you make.’

You don’t get a job, it sucks. Not everyone is the same. It certainly doesn’t mean that you’ll never get one. Maybe you’re looking into a wrong firm? Or maybe you are not flowing with your talent? Who knows, but just know it that happiness is within yourself. You can’t do anything until you find happiness in what you have. Appreciate it, love it and try a little harder. You could do a day-labouring, that’s a job too but it’s not what you’re qualified for. But you could get that job, who says you can’t get one? It’s just, you desire something upto your living standards and degrees. What i mean is, none dies of hunger except you’re in a desert. Don’t be sad today and give up, just think of tomorrow when it’d be over, you’d smile that how stupid you were to worry a lot. Getting a job isn’t as hard as finding a unicorn, patience rewards.

Family, what is your concept of family? The same blood people? Nope, family is made of ones who accept you for who you are with all their affection. Think of those who have none to be accepted by? I.E. Orphans? Many of them have alive same-blood-people but they were abandoned as infants or kids for one reason or two. The more you dig, the sadder it gets. Others appear so happy to us but they also have some underlying problems, none is perfectly happy, get over this illusion. Maybe you have a family but you still don’t have one, maybe you’re alone, maybe you’re surrounded by wrong people. Or maybe you’re wrong? Wrong about your family that it can’t get any better. But believe me, after every hell comes a heaven and sometimes your efforts could turn a hell into heaven. Believe in yourself, you’re the almighty. Make a move towards the change.

Waterfall of sky

it’s about to rain tonight
in the arms of the wind
the water threads will hurt again
will take me back to that end

Clouds of the wasted waters
The moisture of my eyes
Do they mean the same this time
As i miss you again

Aura of your brown eyes
And hands to run through rain
Smell of mud is all i feel now
Your absence does smell pain

Through the roaring and soaring of water
Lights strikes through air
Last sight of you going
brought me to neverland of despair

As the rain touches your country
Would you melt or cry?
Catch me dancing in the sadness
Is pouring through the sky

The sounds of water kissing the earth
Makes me wanna weep
Lament over the lost love of heaven
Will take me to the sleep

Tonight is dark and gloomy and mournful
The way you left my life
heart lost a treasur turned a pauper
Sadness of rain is dark and bright

I’ll miss you again and sit and cry
Under the waterfall of sky!