Lately i’ve been wondering about what love means actually? Is it the gaze of your loved one? Or a simple laugher of a child? Maybe it is the fights that you have with close people? Or better I say it’s just a chemical reaction within your brain, some hormones rushing through your nerves making you feel loved or loving, that’s what I had been believing since childhood.
But what it exactly is? People spoil their whole lives in its name, some become so great. Why does it have a kind of charm that people discuss about it the most and every now a then ask questions that what it is?
I was the least bothered guy about what love is. I disliked those poems and rhymes about romance, i still dislike Romantic fiction. Every story feels the same and claims that love is everything.
If love is really everything then why do we need money or fame? It certainly isn’t everything thus.
Your lover says he or she loves your family, your pet but it is just until you break up with them. I mean if you really love your lover’s family then why would you break up with him or her at the first place? You love his/her family too then why to break up for something he/she did?
People lie that they consider your family as their own, for if they really do they won’t break up with you and become stranger at once, they’d work it out.
Sometimes, love isn’t everything, mostly it isn’t. Love is everything-ly nothing. It’s pure oxymoron.