Of Home

As I live under a shadow
Of gas and of fear
The ammunition of sorrow
Lingers on forever here

On sweet snow and pines
Shattered roof of these shrines
Take a look at these valleys
Graves that rise in rallies

A fight that never ends
Stones and sticks on skin like drums
Of freedom forsaken amends
In wails and silenced hums

Some are taken and never returned
Some are gone and just gone
Rest lay here turned and turned
Imprisonment keeps moving on

I am the smoke and I am the ice
Hiding in days and sleepless at nights
It is my valley, dolor in paradise
Cascade of lost and neverending lights

Welcome to Kashmir
A land that never rests
Of home and of fear
Of sold souls’ formidable tests



Air is all the gloom
My pain in bossom bloom
All the talks and noise
Are the clinging doom

In the eyes stoned and dreamy
Tomorrow is just another tomorrow
Yesterday was a lost echo
And future always seems creamy

But when I am with myself
No one is with me or mine
Writing down pain helps but not
Your words scream for help

You write and you think
You think more than you should
In thoughts darker than charcoal
Linger at teary brink

Healing is just a hoax
In time you become numb
And stay the way until you succumb
With enough to death coax

Oh heaven, will it ever cease?
Lest I go on and lay my heart
To the ruthless dust of my thoughts
And die when it’s enough to ease?

A Broken Man

I am down with drugs
February feels bright
Picking my bones dried dirt
My skin’s smeared in blight
My room is a mess
My heart is dirty white
An inch from foam around
The kid has now died
My love, my love is substituted
With the needles, the powder
I hear my life falling apart
This once its louder
I hear things and see them
Spirals of smoke I afloat
Aligned to the floor I fly
Drifting in my lonesome boat

I am down like silt
Naked in a broken lust
Shallow, so shallow is view
My penis is a replica of dust
My want loaths alone here
With a somber fun wasted
My soul is of salty sweat
I know, I have tasted
I am a brine of vile
Mounted in this silent room
With high flowing inside
Substance of meander doom
Days I spend, nights and in between
I fly in an unseen sky
Come find me lying in filth
Waiting for the world to die

Never Do

When my heart fails
Do I fail my heart?
By not keeping the promise
Of not letting it apart

When my heart fails
Am I the weakest then?
Or Am I the strongest?
For I take a leap when

When my heart shatters
Are my subtle sobs the sound?
Or my subterfuge want
Keeps it coming around?

When my heart is lost
Why are the beats not gone?
Or this echo fools me
To make me not bygone

Oh, when your heart is a damage
When our hearts do ravage
Why can we not salvage?
Instead of breaking down on wine
I swear, we all do fine
But we never do, never do.

Oh if I wish to see the world
Give me a sight of infinity
A view spectacle of sky
With eternal unbound mobility
And when the comets rolling come
Or sun goes finally old, obese
When the moon will be but a star
Must I awe at the rave of these
A calligraphy of universe
Bamboozling, mysterious, poetic verse
Waves may ripple my soul a day
Of Andromeda’s carnality with MilkyWay
From lone plantes and cast out stars
To see ocean vapour go out of reach
Let me live a life in head
To Marvel my people’s universal breach
Oh, I am a man with an outrun dream
How distant yet true does it seem.

I found my heart
On a lonesome broken street
My youth walks around
With a fire in my feet
If I tell you what I want
Will I lose my sleep?
For dreams are all yours
And all that mine is weep
For there’s a flower in my ganrden
That I can’t give to any
I can’t sing in choir
I’ve heard singing many
My love is burning coal
Will you hold my hand?
It’s different from the others
Of an infertile sand
My heart may build a home
In that broken lonely street
Stained with wasted colours
Of hopes that often sleep
A world that never happened
A love that mourned for you
A heart that weary pauper
May rest in rust and rue

When there in coffin
Rests the human lore
And the little hearts
Tremble at the Gore
And hate grows big
Larger than a peace
There cry cities
Bordered within piece
Let hand reach the sun
And legs walk the earth
Eyes dream the truth
And lips wish of mirth
For every war in waste
To reach peace is whim
Then shriek is whisper
And sink a swim
Flowers when glow gloom
And thorns do blossom bloom
Minutes are a forever
Airs are the fumes
Let the love remember then
All the time it slept
Everything was devour
For how humanity wept


If you were by my side
Beside me on the deck
Looking into the water
And my heart wasn’t a wreck

If you were in my arms
Like a child asleep
Maybe I won’t have thoughts of
Being lost in the deep

And if you knew the touch of
Shattered homes and a life
Was not easy to get through
Tears and heart on knife

If you were to see my eyes
If in them you had seen
Maybe you’d know the suffer
Of what we could’ve been

If my fingers tremble
If yours knew the way
To help me not remember
All the words you wouldn’t say

If sky was not a blue patch
And world was never green
It sure would be the colour
The most that I’ve seen

If only I didn’t love you
And we never had a thing
I wouldn’t know where to focus
And it’s a sweet nothing

So if you know that I love you
Would you come here running?
And save me from the water
That calls me for homecoming.

Southern Nights

Southern nights
Oh bright lights
Starry eyes
Over my sight

Roaring wind
On my breaths
Rivers that sing
Ocean that lets

Tinsels for you
Opal like lips
Trembles for view
Oracle of wisps

Violet sky
Omen of love
Vanguards and fly
Oust my dove

Under the rain
Orchids lay
Unto your pain
Onwards does sway

Oh southern nights
In my mind
A process of life
Ember defined

A Home Coming (A Wedding Hymn 3)

Now I go, you go too
On our own, back in shells
Probably I in my null full of rue
Quarter that’s enigma of my hell

Muffled you slept in tender tulips
Love, your shell is world I see
Kempt in the gashes I left on my lips
Jaded hands shiver as I hold me

Rare is this null where I grow in
Slowly sinks in heart your last gasp
To hold on to me in gore flooring
Unsettled madness in heart voices rasp

In this home coming, I am alone
Hands down our wedding so forlorn
Gaping in my heart is where was a throne
Fie oh my living, without you such thorn

Venting in this sense I am baffled
Where is my dream, where is my you
Xenoned, for so long I had grappled
You just left nothing in this haunting view

Each moment slithers and clock stings
Dredged throat cuts each sound I make
Come to feel ease for you had wings
Behind you won’t see every time I break

Zero is my head, in this null so dense
And you sleep forever, I will be awake hence