A Queen

About a time I tell a tale
A queen mother I bid a vale
Barbaric was a battle to
Beseech a kid in cradle new
Catching hurdle to be dosed
Cross to them was peril posed
Dread knocked on fort of her
Dire to pride was to suffer

Enraged she rose to fight the war
Ever seen so in foreign far?
Fastened the sword and shield she did walk
For right that vested in palace rocks
Gave up the social woman chores
Got son on her back, on her Badal horse
Horse that brave and loyal friend
Hollered with queen in her defence

Initiated a battle to hold the pride
In loud swords and bombs begun the fight
Jaguar like her horse had valour
Jhansi bathed in blood in galore
Kenned her the British as forceful might
Kiln was her terror in their greedy sight
Lurked the terror as it saw her power
Laid in shame when cower saw her

Marched Badal higher as she clashed
Mural was he when a few she slashed
Nowhere to go, behind steep and deep slope
Next they flew in valley of the hope
Over the course of brave two souls
Overwhelmed was god who wrote the roles
Paced down the death she drew her sword
Paralleled the attacks with mighty heart

Quelled the enemy as long she did breath
Quietus to live in pride and to death
Roared on road to Kaalpi and fought
Raising enemy that chased but not got
Surpassed her energy at last she grew slow
Surly enemies ended her but to everglow
Toughest was such daughter of Hind
To be found so rare in worldly wind

Upwards went her glory in the past
Utmost the valour in legend-vast
Versed forever is in earthly soil
Vehement was what that honour toil
What greater could be than that tale
Which turned the enemy faces pale

Years to come we’ll sing glory high
Zeal with pride of queen Laxmibai


A Funeral Hymn(A Wedding Hymn-2)

See, I have come as I promised
But it is all so blurry for me
Maddening is this urge of touching you once
Are not you going to ever call me?

Getting married today
But you won’t get to read your vows
I regret that I drove that car
Somebody snatch it from peril gnaws

I have cried oceans since last night
Ache me more than I ever did to you
These flowers that I brought today
Could have your hair smeared with few

They say the purple is not for the dead
Not knowing you are just less orderly
You are as beautiful now as that sinking sun
To which evenings bid goodbye early

But I am like a dark night now
Knowing that you are on the other side
When it grows fear, it grows darker
Sun shows its presence through moon white

And forgive me for the wails and rains
My heart doesn’t understand it well
It beats fast and slow and stops
And people cry for groom that fell

No harmony is there in my parts now
Every part runs in different ways
What death could do to you and me
I feel now in your silent face

As I sit around with this wedding card
Friends cry that I have gone insane
Nobody knew me but only you
Had you to leave this day in pain?

These seven steps I will take around
Your embers will wed me to your death
The legs that work no more will crawl
To pledge to our vows with every breath

A Laughing Kid

All the times when he braved
Catalogue of life in hands dry
Embers in his heart flickered
Giving the hope to strife high

In between the sheets of pain jumbled
Kneading the cracked soil of life that lays
Mouth open to the rain of the nights
Ought to be a love in that above place

Quelled would be this past remembrance
Someday, he hoped as he hid broken tears
Until then he learned to be viable
With everyone’s grief, pretended he xenoned fears

Years to come to find a love that does yield
Zero be the past, where in those arms is future zeal

Journey To Kabul

The return to Kabul was perilous
When we slaughtered the monks
In Kushi for the gods to vouch
In the name of gods to gold and land

The army went down in half
In the waste land on the east
The horses we owned turned red
Blistered the hands in glistening sand

Sultan honked us to stay the night
For fairs be fair and mighty be lord
The scribbles on the walls say all the same
Found the truth in trampled places

Drew so many Burjs and palaces
Calligraphed the broken temples to mosques
Saw the shadows turn to shades often
And witnessed same fear on enemy faces

Journey to Kabul revealed secrets upon me
Sultan seized a fortune on withering flesh
A melancholy hovers over me these days
This heart is crippled in absence of desires

I coveted gold and coveted slaves
Now that I have that I repent in uncertainty
Is that what Allah asked of me to do
Embrace the mosque in others’ fires

A journey that I will never forget
As it consumes the humane in me as I lay
In demolition of a Mathh I draw our new mosque
In which we all would draw our hands to pray


Paint me red or paint me green
Paint me yellow or whatever you’ve seen
Paint me pink or paint me white
But don’t put a colour of moonless night

Paint me hope or paint me sad
Paint me fall or musings of a mad
Paint me tears that everything be fair
But don’t paint a bit of grave despair

Paint me laugher or mother’s first milk
Paint me a run or touch of a torn silk
Paint me first steps or last to a love
But don’t give a tint of a lost dove

Paint me death but in the face of peace
Paint me breath of lost species
Paint me dare or paint me defeats
But don’t throw a hue of war in the streets

Paint me mosque or paint me church
Paint me temple or the theism lurch
Paint me agonist or spirit pearl
But don’t paint disgrace, quarrel and hurl

Paint me heaven or paint me earth
Paint both of them in a happy mirth
Paint love lost and paint love found
But don’t paint hate in the name of ground

Paint all emotions or nothing on my face
Quest of a colour which unites every race
Rumbles in my heart and never quits
So let me try each before the world splits

Happy Meal

You know what’s a happy meal?
When a parent from a tiny town
Goes to a big shop to buy
Something that his child’s asked for
Even though he can’t pronounce
He hesitates, he doesn’t know
What this thing tastes like though
That’s not a happy meal for only two
That’s a happy meal for me too

You know what’s a happy meal?
When mom cooks something for you
When you’ve been away for so long
And she knows only a thing or two
That bright face is a happy meal
And that’s not a happy meal for only two
That’s a happy meal for me too

I’ve seen what’s a happy meal
I don’t see it in a barbeque
When a farmer comes home after day long
His daughter cooks on a Chulha few
Chapatis and pulse, rice
That’s not a happy meal for only two
That’s a happy meal for me too

You know what’s a happy meal?
When one works in a foreign land
And has no person to come home to
There’s a dog who waits for day long
In an apartment with no outer view
They play, they talk, then one cooks
That’s not a happy meal for only two
That’s a happy meal for me too

You know what’s a happy meal?
When a small town guys earns bucks a few
Not millionaire, gets no diamonds
And spends all money on things a few
And brings them home with town’s best food
What they couldn’t afford daily though
That’s a happy meal for eyes and heart too
And that’s a happy meal for me too

You know, what’s a happy meal?
When a mad woman begs for day long
Some guys give bucks, and some don’t
And then she cooks a meal raw and burnt
For her friend rugged, who understands
I’ve seen her eating a heartfull
And that’s not a happy meal for only two
That’s a happy meal for me too

You know what’s a happy meal,
I hope like me, you also do
And if you don’t, just look around
Maybe you’d find something new
And then go to big restaurant
And tell if it’s any happier for you
Cause I know what’s a happy meal
And I hope that it’s for you too.


You see, the place where I live
There aren’t much choices
The place where you live
They surge on voices

The place where I live
Is all raw, is all still
The place where you live
Offers so many stills

Here it is all dark, it is all wind
It is all slow lives passing
There it is all bright, awaken nights
It is all horsely pacing

My people are naive
They are innocent and docile
Your people are clever
They know things, and high profile

But my place is all green
Nights are starry and clouds do roll
Your place is all concrete
Roads never sleep and hearts have holes

Here it is some peace
It is some people with some time
There it is all piece
It is all people running for time

And so you live in a high
Live in the dreams and run them to true
And I live in a town
Have little dreams and everyday new

A dream

I slept in war and had a dream
Pale moonlight overtook the sun
Wind in my tunic left a scream
Drawn to the windmill I saw people run

Knights were bathed in silver streams
Raised sad swords to win the west
Yellow king had his soul redeemed
Fields were blank with clouds to rest

Mourning widows in black did go
To tombs I saw thousands in woods
All stars were red and burning so slow
Hundreds of arrows were falling on hoods

Overt was death as she walked with me
Vigilante she was for war she’d see

Fountain Run

She went to a fountain park
With her family on the wheels
He searched for a water mark
With his family on the knees

She watched color play through
With a smile on her face
He wished the barren wasn’t true
With a life squelching phase

She heard the music fountain fun
With joy she did dance
He heard the mourn thirst run
With jaded face’s glance

She bath, she drank, she played
With younger brother laughed
He walked, cried, dismayed
With thirsty mother to keep from graft

She stood in water sprinkle air
What a day in summer
He brought water in sun’s glare
What dreadful miles runner

She went home to bathe buckets
With never ending running tap
He bathed sweat in errand rugged
And slept in mother’s lap


Billowed his eyes he did
Curbed by the light
Dark and worn out he walked
Ample of despite

Called out by the home
Deserted of deserved-respect
Age old love dried
By what’s not defect

Fumbling he took the steps
Grumbled by life strayed
Hand-downed honour he owed
Emancipating his giggle played

Got all that he needed so
Hollered at as he left
Endurance broke his back
For all the life he wept

So he ran away,
Tucked in fumbled reparation
Untying all the notions he held
Vivre was his destination

To a tomorrow bright
Unified by seven lights
Vigil through the nights
She became what she was meant to be