A Poem Of Dedication

Stars have shown a moving sign
Numbered under dark’s reign
Night sought a calmer design
Not to flinch your marvel seen

No affliction, no sobbing sighs
Setting in breeze’s breathing rhyme
Embarks to your ocean eyes
Some tender tranquil soothing chime

En-route to life you taught a feel
Liberating souls, you sail away when
Nowhere shall I see a greater steal
Like you did of hearts once then

Now a night is your love’s emblem
Marvelled in memories you left the gem


Dead March

The moments of sadness
Some tears and some thoughts
Sinking eyes in sinking madness
Sailed in heart’s despairing knots

So broad and little moving
Gave the spin to still world
Dazzling eyes had images grooving
Grieving memories unfurled

Dead march, that June, a skimpy year
Renowned for things gone and broke
Each salt fell right under wounded fur
Run for rue that then led me stroke

Each day falls deeper in darkening light
To bereave me solemn in starry nights

Southern Nights

Southern nights
Oh bright lights
Starry eyes
Over my sight

Roaring wind
On my breaths
Rivers that sing
Ocean that lets

Tinsels for you
Opal like lips
Trembles for view
Oracle of wisps

Violet sky
Omen of love
Vanguards and fly
Oust my dove

Under the rain
Orchids lay
Unto your pain
Onwards does sway

Oh southern nights
In my mind
A process of life
Ember defined


He ran for a toy
Mommy bought him a teddy
He wanted a gun
A Water-pistol brought his daddy

She demanded a mobile
Sister got her an iPhone
She fell sick often
And never left granny alone

A three year old asked his father
If his sister looked like him
A fatherless girl knew her mother
They loved far away from that grim

A little boy was beaten on the road
Bullied by his own elder brother
It was a daily thing for his skin
Living with him was a smother

A fourteen years old painted her hair
Parents loved the beautiful colour
He told them about his first date
Friends mocked him with a rubber

Years passed for them to grow
In the lives they turned fine people
Yet again a night came to pass
Which left a never ending ripple

Someone saw two men kiss
And lost it in a whim impure
Sulked unjustly gunned a club
And they bled forever more

Their stories were different
But it all ended the same
Hatred stung innocents again
In folly who is to blame?

A Home Coming (A Wedding Hymn 3)

Now I go, you go too
On our own, back in shells
Probably I in my null full of rue
Quarter that’s enigma of my hell

Muffled you slept in tender tulips
Love, your shell is world I see
Kempt in the gashes I left on my lips
Jaded hands shiver as I hold me

Rare is this null where I grow in
Slowly sinks in heart your last gasp
To hold on to me in gore flooring
Unsettled madness in heart voices rasp

In this home coming, I am alone
Hands down our wedding so forlorn
Gaping in my heart is where was a throne
Fie oh my living, without you such thorn

Venting in this sense I am baffled
Where is my dream, where is my you
Xenoned, for so long I had grappled
You just left nothing in this haunting view

Each moment slithers and clock stings
Dredged throat cuts each sound I make
Come to feel ease for you had wings
Behind you won’t see every time I break

Zero is my head, in this null so dense
And you sleep forever, I will be awake hence


If you were here
I would show you the clouds tonight
Sky is pitch black
The cotton is pearl white

It’s just like your eyes
Oh it’s funny that it rains too
Lightening would be put to shame
If it could just see you

The way your eyes blink
The way clouds roll
The way I lay beneath them
I would lay beneath your soul

But you are not here
Probably not anywhere I know
And I won’t see you ever
Clouds tonight too will go

And I hope it stays
It stays the way it is
You would be sleeping peacefully
Clouds keep me a woken bliss

I would drink one more to that
If you were here
And won’t wish the tomorrow
This night could have it clear

Ghost of mine

Ghost of mine, oh ghost of mine
In the morbid sea
Scathing, sneering, gashing, tearing
On stormy wave of plea

Rising, sinking, drowning, flying
With the ghost of me
Is foamy fairy, very scary
Stoning those who see

The sea is darker, loony, haunting
Like graveyard that I flee
Chases, hunts, devours, grunts
This gloomy hour so wee

And ghost of mine, ghost of past
Leave me as I be
In water blue, and sinking crew
With logs of dreamy tree

And if storm calms, and air warms
Let me sink to free
Ghost of mine that never leaves
To sleep to bottom sea