The Merman

My little merman, why do you weep?

With tears like vapour in atmosphere

Heart’s on the end, like a pearl in a seep

Long after the oyster sleeps

In sleep that rests in old graves

Your petty heart was the boldest brave

Now it’s like a tree in a foreign land

That’s made of heat and wind and sand.

Your mind is thinking while your body sinking

In depths of Rome, doesn’t exist anymore.

I sat on the shore and found an open door

In the sea that you wept, and watched Angels, slept.

And when I tell you that I love you

Seems like this water won’t let my words reach

My pretty merman, why those tears carve

A loss on your face? It’s not a race.

And then you swim away in the sea that you’ve made

I row my boat; how far will we go?

My hands are tired, my head’s in the fire

Of fever that’s burning this shell of sea,

In which you’ve been hiding and avoiding

The birds bring you air, through vapour I fare.

Tell me what you’re finding, in depths of blinding

Tears you weep, through which your dreams seep

out, and I know I will have to dive

Because you’re in deep, I fear you’ll sleep

there. My pretty merman, give me your hand

I swim through the sea, to take you to breeze.

My fears are breaking but my hands are shaking

I do not know how far we will go.


Nobody Hears

Here I’m walking to you

Above the surface of all that’s true

Do you hear? Maybe I’ll talk and not just speak

It’s been moments void in weeks.

Would you give me your breathe?

For all that’s here in life’s wrath?

Maybe I’ll ask for a second chance

And one draw from another glance

Look at the stars, do they draw my face?

Weary and drawn through all this race

When I toss and turn in my sheets

Find my thoughts there but not sleep.

‘Hello!’ do you hear across the bed

My fights are only in my head.

I drew an art at the end of the night

Which overtook the morning light

Sitting across the horizon

Wasted on the seams of my reason.

Give me love but don’t give me choice

I am bound to commit to vice.

What if all the love that I’ll ever know is this?

Travelling miles and miles through the night

To sooth my aching arms in the home’s light?

I’m still falling in love

What if this is all the love that you’ll ever get?

So I wrote and I write all these poems

Hoping you will sing along.

Cause everybody’s just talking,

Nobody hears

You can be the sun, I’m a comet’s song.

Who am I?

Who am I?

A shadow at the tethers

Of fortune in death

Looming in the closed eyes

And under the cold bed.

Am I a poet?

Am I a sinking ship?

One that carries the bodies

Of the lost and frozen

Wanderers stranded at the sea of light

Am I the bird’s flight?

From first to the last

Beating against the fate of winds endlessly

Tired until weight becomes too much.

Am I a rainbow?

A mirage of insignificance

The one that shines in a distance

A catharsis of an old man’s wisdom

Accumulated for the lost years

To be lost to the sleeping eye of absence.

Who am I?

The one who built his castle

At the end of his last spring

Lost in the Echoes of glory

Deaf when the bluebirds sing

Am I the smoothness of lust?

When devoid makes love with mercy

When misery rests in the arms of creation.

Am I the dirt?

Resting on the Moonstone I found

Rare by the river in the mountains

Shimmering in the divine light of dusk.

Am I a shattered piece of sky?

The colour of mud

The boldness of waves

The terror of storms

The fear of fate.

Who am I?

A wordsmith in chaos

Of all that’s broken but once was beautiful.