This web space is “bloggified” by Saurabh Mishra, a.k.a. GaShi a.k.a. T100G, an amateur and a keen astronomer, a passionate writer, a revolutionary philosopher, a graceful artist, a polyglot in Indian regionals, and a real-world-lyricist!

His short-stories are published in several anthologies, both Indian and foreign.


  • MYRIAD TALES, edited by Suhail Mathur,
  • THE ZEST OF INKLINGS edited by Akash Shrivastava, Prakhar Porwal
  • SYAHI -2


  • UNCOMMON MINDS edited by Cynthia Drucker. (USA)

And also he is working on his newest novel-series in the genre of fantasy fiction. An avid thinker, who believes in a ONE-WORLD where no discrimination based on caste, class, creed or country is prevalent, he believes in feeding the poor before feeding the idols.

An Engineer by profession, qualified with a diploma in Civil Engineering, he currently furthermore pursues B.A. in History major and English Literature minor, because his soul and heart goes to Arts and Creativity, just as he loves Science and Technology. And he believes one day, the world will see humanity is more important than materialistic possessions.

This blog is reserved for his thoughts to flourish and nurture, and it will serve as his thoughtful footpath in the vast world of literature.

Believer of self-confidence, he hopes one day he will find his deserving place in the world of his dreams when it comes true!


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