These steps will be marked on the path

In the name of what we’ll find

A crack in the time

I promise we’ll be just fine.

Walking miles and miles

Going to the mountains and bends

Across the rivers we will cross

As we will make our amends

To all that we’ve taken from this life.

Oh, the compass of your eyes

Will guide me home when there’s no light

Like you trail to my heart’s sight,

I know we’ll be just fine.

As we chase that end line

Where sky kisses the sea

The way meet the hands of you and me.

Years and years will pass once we’re gone

The world bound to love will still go on

But then it wouldn’t be yours or mine

And until it is ours, we’ll be just fine.

An emblem of love that sprouts

In the seeds when it meets the ground

As the universe weaves life after life

I knew we too would be found

No matter if you went miles away

These hearts will still face the day

Like a sunkissed fragile vine

Blossoms in the sweet moonlight,

It tells us we’ll be just fine.

Carved by the mystery of this force

That brings us close, makes us bold

Even in the times of uncertainty

Love that touches all of us is the form of infinity,

As long as the suns ignite under their gravity,

A part of our contribution will keep it strong,

Even when we’re no more the same matter

The breeze will still cater

The flowers that grow and die

While life in wrinkles passes them by,

Your heart will be a home to thousands

And so will be mine,

The love that keeps world together will ensure,

The eyes that hold it must shine,

And I know, just like that, we’ll be just fine.


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