Meet me where the night shades
When everyone sleeps and dark rests
While there is a choir of blood and lust
And all that was good goes to rust

Meet me and we shall dance
Unholy and unkind nocturnal romance
When all there that’s of night creeps
Creatures on flesh and wind weeps

A dichotomy of dreams n’ nightmares sewn
All the bats and cast out prunes
Those who are lost and dissembled
Seek our shadows cruel that are humble

Meet me and we shall be pestilence
Our dance must be of thanatos and silence
Let our creatures seek shelter in us
When we cast out the heaven, the formidable curse

Ours shall be the nights and days
Both dark and abundant of preys
Come when you know you shall
And we shall build our holy grail

You be devil’s mother, my nocturne bride
Who breaks God’s throne by my side
And cast him to hell where my brother awaits
And rule the timeless bloodless race


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