To dark boughs of nightshades
I often wander into a tree
Tall, stout, leaveless and arid
Of abandoned outbended memory
Those sniffling tears fall loud
In air that’s dull and solemn
Of your no more breath induced
It becomes such a painful ennui
Together we played and slept
And now together has slept dear
In this tree like your bones
I linger like a stranded sailor’s misery
Pain is an unsolicited adventure
We often but not cope with and take
It makes life an elegy if one understands
Nonetheless it is a fruitful tree
A forbidden act of ruing affliction
This love against nirvana breaths
Yet a pleasure in one’s bones it seeps
Once looked for it could never be freed
Yet I roam back to this stump
I know you loved me away
This dear pain I contempt
Reminds me of our lost days.


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