West horizon are you red?
Or is it the eastern sky?
Is it the sunlight you see?
Or it is a trick of my eye?
Maybe you are red maybe blue
Or is it no colour?
Maybe it’s what i want it to
Say if the same say the other
Is the sun lost or it is fog?
All silver and cold and damp
Maybe i want to dance for it
Tell me if you are hiding my lamp
Where are the birds oh West?
Or it is just your trick
Making me see what you want to
Weaving my rejoice with your picks
Where is, where are goofy monkeys?
Are they not visiting town today?
As much i recall it’s not off
Have you gooned them that it is sunday?
Such mischiefs you specious sky
All this wonder and no clue
I keep my wonder i know not why
Everything is ambiguous of you.


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