Black Witch is rising on the moon
The cold breeze yelling
And soothing cursed boon
She’s riding on the air as it drifts low
Spells are dancing over mayhem
Of silent shroud of snow
When night rises she walks down the streets
She howls and she hymns
Looking for the feeds
Close your windows and bolt the doors
Silence your wailing children
Shut down the chores
If she hears she will knock three times a row
Tempt you to answer
Home will blight before you know
She flies and she laughs and she says her name
She died when she was seven
She still stills the blame
Your father burned her alive at the stake on oak
Her sister oiled tins
With fear she soaked
Whole town watched and chanted ‘Burn
The witch’ she heard
And now it’s your turn
She will make dolls out of your skin
And heave the memoirs
Of her starving kins
Do you think curse leaves and deeds don’t return?
All seasons wither once
After death she learned
So now she’s back and your town sleeps
Chanted rocks built homes
Will not hold her weeps
She will cry, she will laugh, she will bring the death
Hold your dear ones
And count their breaths.


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