Please don’t pull me in love
I am bleeding bit by bit
Don’t tell me how it feels
I have taken hit by hit

Try to keep it buried
Don’t let the monsters in
Bit by bit breaks your sense of
Hit by hit it loses for the win

Wear it off and let it go
Before it gets under my skin
My heart is hardly beating
Beat by beat its breaking for my sins

Don’t speak words I don’t need
Bit by bit they break into my head
Hit by hit break the walls keeping flood
Fall by fall they drown my bed

Please don’t see what I hide
Forever kept silent in the corner
If I show I will crumble
Bit by bit and won’t glue together

So let’s just don’t go that way
I am holding you without it
Beat by beat I will get you going
If you don’t flood it or lit.


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