Trying to find my place in world
Disappointed and distraught
Falling in the nooks and the pits
To soil my self is brought

Nights are long and days cut through
But I see never a sign
Wandering self and lost in woods
Win-the-world-thoughts of mine

A moment I see light and next it’s gone
I chase in dark to find
I fall to see the will’s demise
Then Resurge the hopes in mind

This race is mad and world now eats
What have I done to mine?
What’s my last stand and which next bend?
Will I ever be fine?

Where’s my singing lark gone?
Where’s my laughter oh world?
When would I know now what I am?
Am I worth to weave you words?

Now I doubt everything, I pity my skin
I run from people to safest hides
I am no long elate and sink in my head
With questions by my sides.


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