Grievances, my lord!
For all the courage you lost
For all the hearts broken
And all the laugh meant last
Grievances, my friends!
For the fear you keep
For the masks that you weild
And the oppressed you make

Grievances, grievances!
For the light I don’t see
For the feelings I hide
And all the lies I live
Grievances, my mother!
For the disappointment I don’t mean
Grievances, oh mother!
For your sons I kill for you

Grievances, my sanity!
For I sold you for means
For I cower in shamelessness
And the conscience I don’t hear
Grievances, oh brotherhood!
For in your name I envy
For in your name I destroy
And all the gain I mean

Grievances, grievances!
I am not the one world wanted
For animals have reasons but I don’t
But I mean well, for selfishness
Grievances, oh nature!
I turned you into intuitive savage
Grievances, nature!
I savaged all your beauty

Grievances, oh humanity!
I buried you neck deep
Maybe I will dig you out one day
And maybe I will fix it all.
Grievances, oh love!
Please don’t abandon me
I must keep you for the trade
I am just lost, I am just lost.


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