She said it’s a warfare
Said to pick up myself
She said it’s not fair
Said we need our help
I followed her through the gas
I followed her against Shields
She said there’s no pass
Said strentgh grows in the fields

I cried and I lied
I forgot who I was
I feared of being fied
I was smaller than a grass
She led me to light
Said put trust in your heart
I had never fought a fight
I had to have a man’s heart

Said why my right is less
I am as much as one is
She said hopes stress
I am of soil and its bliss
She said there are colours
I have yet to play
Said Beauty always differs
I need to see to stay

Why can’t you love and laugh
If it’s every bit of world
Why is a man to stop
When a beautiful weapon words
When the world is sure to change
Why grow barren inside
If the love is strange of strange
Why even then to hide


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