The roads are long
But the days are not
World is sleeping
But the night is not
Your hopes are lost
But you are not
Your thoughts are weary
But your heart is not

So walk up to sun
And raise your hands
Keep on going
For you still stand
And make the best
Through the gold coast strand
Be gentle as moon
For he’s your friend

You know tears vet
But wet may not
You seem to lose
You are lost yet not
Pick up your fight
Cause the world may not
For battles do cry
But the peace does not

So go to sleep
So that you wake up
Leave your worries
Let’s not light them up
And when you wake
Prepare to go straight up
Over the world
That tried to string you up

And when you make it
There’s a calm of wind
Of the mountains
All those you had to win
Still a journey to make
Still a life to spin
So keep on going
With a high held chin


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