If I wait for you all my life,
Would you be mine?
If I know there’s something beyond
And there’s no society there,
Not the years, not the tears,
Neither an eternity nor a still,
Just a beyond beyond beyond.
Till death we do part
Would you be mine after death?
If these eyes stop seeing
And heart stops beating,
Ears work no more,
Neither could the touch work.
And there’s no obligation,
Neither a regret nor pride,
Would I see you by my side?
You don’t have to say,
Just look at me and nod.
I know the world is treacherous,
There’s no escape for us.
If I can’t feel you till death,
Would you run to me if I wait?
I have been shedding tears,
Making room for when I would see you,
In the beyond beyond beyond.
Would you be in that place?
Neither nothing nor a fair,
No dust or a day.
Where my wait would measure,
All wait that I stay.
You don’t have to come,
If doesn’t run your will,
But would this pain be worth then?
To death if I wait in your name,
After this day, would I see you again?
You don’t have to cry,
Just nod,
Would we meet in the beyond beyond beyond?


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