If you were by my side
Beside me on the deck
Looking into the water
And my heart wasn’t a wreck

If you were in my arms
Like a child asleep
Maybe I won’t have thoughts of
Being lost in the deep

And if you knew the touch of
Shattered homes and a life
Was not easy to get through
Tears and heart on knife

If you were to see my eyes
If in them you had seen
Maybe you’d know the suffer
Of what we could’ve been

If my fingers tremble
If yours knew the way
To help me not remember
All the words you wouldn’t say

If sky was not a blue patch
And world was never green
It sure would be the colour
The most that I’ve seen

If only I didn’t love you
And we never had a thing
I wouldn’t know where to focus
And it’s a sweet nothing

So if you know that I love you
Would you come here running?
And save me from the water
That calls me for homecoming.


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