I believe I had seen

Far in depth of water clean

A lightening Bolt of marine

A darker ghost golden green.

As I swam past the trench

Crushing load was immense

Swimsuit! thanks for defence

Helmet light added sense.

And then it passed me

Swimming across me

I can’t made it out,

Curious blob of

Unseen world that

I couldn’t even shout.

Then It shied off the trail

I followed its glistening tail

Faster than Usain’s scale

I can’t keep up so I failed.

I looked for it everywhere

In deeper vents and coral spheres

But hard luck, had it there

In darker place it wasn’t fair.

Then Oxygen depleted

In my cylinder

So I finally swam out,

Deep Ocean Fish 

Would I see you again?

I really have my doubts.


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