I am a man

In my uncertainties and my doubts

I grow in letting go and a little to hold on

I carry a sensitive self in my proud

I am a man, a brother

A lot to give and a little to get

A childhood friend forever around

To give compassion and dare the dread

I am a man, a son

A sheltered prince and a devout servant

Make proud carrier, failing often

A sacrificer of dreams on every bend

I am a man, a father and a husband

Working hard and burning self 

A hero, a loser, a saviour, a shelter

Growing old like my father carrying still debts

I am a man, a friend

A 3 am assistance and never tremble rubble

A family beyond family and a silent lover

A shade on the path of struggle

I am a man, a suspension

Who takes every load, every shock up front

Who stands when all falls and holds you still

Who cries but alone and smiles above

I am a man, every man that you see

Who saves everyone from storm-spree

Who gives and gets little, like a tree

Unmoving, proud, strong and free

I am a man


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