I stand by the night
For the times we had fights
To keep us from the cold and hunger

I remember when I hurt you
You hid under the bed
And now somethin in me is dead
For what I did all the time
And I could never change it back.

You loved and taught me
Kept me, haunting
For the debt that I owe
And never paying back.

I remember the times
When you worked like chimes
And made my world blossom
With the sound of yours.

Now it all is uneven
And I couldn’t believe in
What’s left of you and what’s not
Left of my loving you.

For the time when you died
You looked deep in my eyes
Maybe you fought to survive
And I couldn’t help you.

And now when I look at the bed
I am half torn to death
That left my hand stained
In your breaking breaths.

And when I knew you were gone
I knew no right and no wrong
I cried and not cried
I still feel the pain.

Now these clouds they fall
And the thunder that calls
In the nights so alone
I am waiting on to you.

The love that I lost
Is half life that it costs
And I wait on you to come
When I know I gave you to river.

It haunts me still
Your mouth open and still
As you went with the flow
And I never turned back.

I will pay the debt
One day when I will rest
And maybe I’ll find you
Waiting on me…


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