I walked into a mosque one fine day

And lifted my hands up for the pray

And ask the gods to show up for once

I longed to stop from maddening runs

I walked into a church there then after

And lit a candle for mother Mary’s laughter 

‘Amen’ show me a path to the peace

I prayed for hours on my weak knees

I went to gurdwara, I went to temple

I asked for love and asked for hope

And when the bells rung hard and loud

I walked to burial in my thoughts’ crowd

I saw the peace, it’s just a myth

I found the love in deepest of the grief

And there was a lost hope in teary eyes

Away from longing and the worldly lies

I walked to a school to find the light

I worshipped the books day and night

Morales they taught were to gain a place 

Truth came tearing right at my face

I moved from there to an oldage home

To find the heart somewhere in my roam

I saw the hiding grief in teething smiles

I found my heart imbecile and vile

I walked to the wild, I walked to the sea

I walked to mountains and lands of the free

I found no meaning, I found no truth

I searched everywhere, every corner and nook

When I walked to my death and saw the end

Life was an illusion on the seeking bend 

As my energy flew through earth and the space

That’s when I knew it’s an unending race


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