He ran for a toy
Mommy bought him a teddy
He wanted a gun
A Water-pistol brought his daddy

She demanded a mobile
Sister got her an iPhone
She fell sick often
And never left granny alone

A three year old asked his father
If his sister looked like him
A fatherless girl knew her mother
They loved far away from that grim

A little boy was beaten on the road
Bullied by his own elder brother
It was a daily thing for his skin
Living with him was a smother

A fourteen years old painted her hair
Parents loved the beautiful colour
He told them about his first date
Friends mocked him with a rubber

Years passed for them to grow
In the lives they turned fine people
Yet again a night came to pass
Which left a never ending ripple

Someone saw two men kiss
And lost it in a whim impure
Sulked unjustly gunned a club
And they bled forever more

Their stories were different
But it all ended the same
Hatred stung innocents again
In folly who is to blame?


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