Now I go, you go too
On our own, back in shells
Probably I in my null full of rue
Quarter that’s enigma of my hell

Muffled you slept in tender tulips
Love, your shell is world I see
Kempt in the gashes I left on my lips
Jaded hands shiver as I hold me

Rare is this null where I grow in
Slowly sinks in heart your last gasp
To hold on to me in gore flooring
Unsettled madness in heart voices rasp

In this home coming, I am alone
Hands down our wedding so forlorn
Gaping in my heart is where was a throne
Fie oh my living, without you such thorn

Venting in this sense I am baffled
Where is my dream, where is my you
Xenoned, for so long I had grappled
You just left nothing in this haunting view

Each moment slithers and clock stings
Dredged throat cuts each sound I make
Come to feel ease for you had wings
Behind you won’t see every time I break

Zero is my head, in this null so dense
And you sleep forever, I will be awake hence


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