See, I have come as I promised
But it is all so blurry for me
Maddening is this urge of touching you once
Are not you going to ever call me?

Getting married today
But you won’t get to read your vows
I regret that I drove that car
Somebody snatch it from peril gnaws

I have cried oceans since last night
Ache me more than I ever did to you
These flowers that I brought today
Could have your hair smeared with few

They say the purple is not for the dead
Not knowing you are just less orderly
You are as beautiful now as that sinking sun
To which evenings bid goodbye early

But I am like a dark night now
Knowing that you are on the other side
When it grows fear, it grows darker
Sun shows its presence through moon white

And forgive me for the wails and rains
My heart doesn’t understand it well
It beats fast and slow and stops
And people cry for groom that fell

No harmony is there in my parts now
Every part runs in different ways
What death could do to you and me
I feel now in your silent face

As I sit around with this wedding card
Friends cry that I have gone insane
Nobody knew me but only you
Had you to leave this day in pain?

These seven steps I will take around
Your embers will wed me to your death
The legs that work no more will crawl
To pledge to our vows with every breath


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