The return to Kabul was perilous
When we slaughtered the monks
In Kushi for the gods to vouch
In the name of gods to gold and land

The army went down in half
In the waste land on the east
The horses we owned turned red
Blistered the hands in glistening sand

Sultan honked us to stay the night
For fairs be fair and mighty be lord
The scribbles on the walls say all the same
Found the truth in trampled places

Drew so many Burjs and palaces
Calligraphed the broken temples to mosques
Saw the shadows turn to shades often
And witnessed same fear on enemy faces

Journey to Kabul revealed secrets upon me
Sultan seized a fortune on withering flesh
A melancholy hovers over me these days
This heart is crippled in absence of desires

I coveted gold and coveted slaves
Now that I have that I repent in uncertainty
Is that what Allah asked of me to do
Embrace the mosque in others’ fires

A journey that I will never forget
As it consumes the humane in me as I lay
In demolition of a Mathh I draw our new mosque
In which we all would draw our hands to pray


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