Paint me red or paint me green
Paint me yellow or whatever you’ve seen
Paint me pink or paint me white
But don’t put a colour of moonless night

Paint me hope or paint me sad
Paint me fall or musings of a mad
Paint me tears that everything be fair
But don’t paint a bit of grave despair

Paint me laugher or mother’s first milk
Paint me a run or touch of a torn silk
Paint me first steps or last to a love
But don’t give a tint of a lost dove

Paint me death but in the face of peace
Paint me breath of lost species
Paint me dare or paint me defeats
But don’t throw a hue of war in the streets

Paint me mosque or paint me church
Paint me temple or the theism lurch
Paint me agonist or spirit pearl
But don’t paint disgrace, quarrel and hurl

Paint me heaven or paint me earth
Paint both of them in a happy mirth
Paint love lost and paint love found
But don’t paint hate in the name of ground

Paint all emotions or nothing on my face
Quest of a colour which unites every race
Rumbles in my heart and never quits
So let me try each before the world splits


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