One more failure
She heard but none did call
One more battle lost
One more fall
One more day
Full of gloomy dismay
One more ‘what they will say’
One more bawl
One more hopelessness
In uncertain stroll
One more wrecked thought
One more ‘don’t face open gates’
One more moral nought

Questions stormed the head
One more time again
How to take pressure in
How to break the chain
One to many times
She had let them down
She was meant to be someone
One that she could not noun
What would she tell them
What if they would not talk
‘One more reason to be ashamed’
In society a morally perilous walk
‘I am no good a child’
One more time she supposed
Gruesomely uncanny shame
Grind her soul as it imposed
One more hurdle in breath
Catching fire in her throat
Compelling her self esteem null
One more defiled loath
Kaleidoscope of life ended that night
Knotted from fan as herself she topped
One more page she wrote
The last at which none laughed
‘To mom and dad, forgive me,
One last time do kiss me’
And there goes one more
One more who never did score.


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