Astute was an ant
Erudite and small
Invoked a lone errand
Ought to Queen’s call
Uphill it went to find
A thing that she defined
En route she met a beetle
In search it drew a needle
‘Oogpister’ screamed the ant
Under the time scant
Ant had to trick the foe
Enraged to to see it though
It kept its calm and thought
Over the ideas that she got
Utility was only voice
And that’s how she did fight.
‘End of the day I got no food,’
Intensified aloud her tune
‘Only if I get a beetle to eat,
Undo it from its feet
And I love its acid weep
Energizing is to chew the keeps’
Intimidated ran the beetle
‘Ought to be something so lethal,
Unpleasant would be to see her,’
Away it ran speaking in fear
Elite ant saved all her friends
Induced the day that she spent
Over the hill to fetch the thing
Up she went as bees did sing.


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