Melting like a glacier
Nested in your sweet ear
Lurking around you like a comet
Overt like night’s silver sphere

Knitted in your fingers
Pondering on your fingertips
Justifying the laws of gravity
Queued to your mighty ribs

In a spur of emotions
Ran to wherever you did go
Hurling wind like your breaths
Silently broke into me like snow

Green leaves like that charm
Turned my sour into honey
Fumbled the nights you went away
Undid my nights into sunny

En route to utopia of your eyes
Vehemently pursued your smile
Dumbed my wit and wisdom
Wavered everywhere your style

Could you come again if I call
Xenoned in a fit as I blinked
Bummer I am in this rainfall
Your color left my thoughts inked

Agony is this, you won’t come
Zoo is my head with all this hum


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