Things were subtle, things were fine
In things rubble, a heart was mine
Covert in the heart, things to define
Things like him, hard were to find

A thing named love, thing named try
Both things once merged, made me cry
A thing that’s me, he never saw around
Things named tears, made me blind

Things in these things, things in my mind
Things named hurt, pain and strife
Once things these come, home in the head
A Thing named desire, burnt my life

Things that he said, things that he didn’t
Things that I thought, things that wouldn’t
In this thing what I felt, I put it on rewind
And thing named ruin, kept on the grind

These things in this world, hurdle my path
A thing named loath, would be the aftermath
Things are not simple, things are not hard
Thing is just this, I am burning in this wrath

I hope these things, would come to an end
Things named stranger, things named friend
In a thing named grave, he could come to see me
In a thing named death, I will have my mend


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