I am getting married today
Dressed in grey and blue
Flowers I picked from gardens
I am bringing them for you

I have bought you a blanket
White not, It’s purple
Your favorite chocolate and candies
I can’t tell you the hurdle

I am bringing wails and rains
Certainly not something you admire
Embers around I would go seven steps
I though am not going to love this fire

I have called all the friends
Asked them to bring you gifts
Called them twice to be assured
I think I should use a lift

I can’t drive after yesterday
So I am gonna be a little late
Unlike always you could wait
I am not in the best of my state

I am getting married today
To the ache of your absence
Voice of you is driving me insane
In our madding distance

It is our wedding date
I am looking at the invitation card
It’s got our picture on it
I never knew today we would part


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