She giggled on the streets
Sweeping the dust of her fate
And danced as she ate sweets
She got at temple for her faith

And from cold winds she hid
In the old, dirty, tattered quilt
With siblings three to two to one
Eldest of all drowned in guilt

Her giggles scorched the heat with warmth
Warm water didn’t bother her throat
Summers tanned her skin not soul
A heart diagram she ever wrote

Rains wet her hopes of bread
She spent days of hunger to grey nights
Giggle still wraped around her lips
To console unfed mother’s writhes

She sung a song of hope and spirit
‘Even if it breaks your heart, go on’
She could have been a poet who sings
Miserable world at times is won

And yet she giggled in uncertain toils
And defeated her pains as a kid
She was but growing up in foils
She had now her breasts to be hid

No pads, no clothes, no cottons
The blood of puberty would use paper
She giggled yet streets didn’t
Now sweets temples not but glares did offer

In winters she kept awake at nights
Whenever she heard passing men laugh
She was somewhat glad for her siblings
They didn’t get to get ugly youthful draft

Heat of summer burned her body
Warm sensations bothered her throat
Tanned souls she found around
Lust diagrams drawn men on roads

Rains now wet everything she owned
Hopes, a body, youth and a laugh
Profane words wrapped around her lips
To ward sick twisted people off

She remembered her song she ever sang
It was no means in her world
‘Could have been a boy instead,
‘Miserable a girl’ she cursed, ‘unfurled.’


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