Moon in the clouds grey and white
Maneuvers through sky alone
Muffled in halo and sun’s light
Night surface’s  precious stone

Navigator, Narrator and Noble
Nugget of fables and peaceful
Nickel shine and lover’s global
Old yet beautiful, forever youthful

Over head shines in every season
Of poets’ and for nocturnal life
Owned by the needy of every region
Polite, pure and poignant strife

Penned down by ages for beauty
Power yielded to its glory
Perching in space-time for its duty
Quiet, round, sun-kissed territory

Upon the chariot of thoughts run
Urban, rural, suburban, unbiasedly bright
Uniting far departed hearts as one
Vital, wonderful and for Xmas light

Your, mine, a symbol of everything this Luna
Zenith’s spectacle, a rhyme, a love this Luna


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