She was the queen of salvage
He was the rookie of rage
Their story dwelled un-muttered
In warfare of coming off age

She was the keeper of seas
He was the weight on knees
When they met on the shore
They brought trouble with peace

She was the beauty of homeland
He was the storm of scorching sand
Entangled in lure of youth
They brought the devouring rain

And as she grew up in the arms
He was the son of stinging swarms
The unfaithful glitch torn them close
From what they belonged their norms

She was the giggle of a sunny day’s play
He was the scavenger of rain spoiled hay
But what was written was written
They didn’t care about the naysay

For she was the Harmony of love
And he played it the best in all
He was the sadness of the world
She embraced to raise him from fall

And of different charges, they had one charge
Equalled in every short and large
Compassion whether devoured
They filled a void they had since start

And all the sacrifice was the worth
His miseries and her meaningless earth
In the madness of categorized world
They found a compassionate urge

And then they went to sleep in the clouds
Played in the wind and deep sea vents
Forgetting who they were before
They found what they had to spend

Now she was the laugh he had
He was the flower she smelled
How a feeling changes us
In four letters they got it spelled


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