Wind of the noon
After a silent Monday-bloom
Quiet noises of silence
Storms of stillness
With a hymn of loneliness
Sing me a lullaby of your eyes
Filled with sadness of life
Sight that parallels worldly lies
And warm sun that shines
Like a skin made of gold, just gold
Like yours in a world of burning coal
And smiles of all the bees and stingers
Go in vain without your childlike Joy

These quiet streets like your laughter now
Make me feel the world’s absence of itself
Like a Sunday afternoon without kins or friends
Neither enemies to call my own for cruel help
Waning like withering flower petals
Like those lips that shiver forever
No embrace that’s better than cold metals
An aloof, solemn, non-damaging fever
The sadness of summer wind plays that music
Of your slowly drowning heartbeats
Which felt once like a carnival of colors
Bursting, firing, burning, drumming
It fades like a white from white

There that time when it was okay
When your heart wasn’t a child’s play
I never knew that we are made of burnt clay
And now all that we have is sand like Arabia
And feelings like a grass waiting for rain
I could cry enough but tears are vapor
And I see it dying far from my hands
On the dunes of sorrow you sit
Like it’s the end of a never-ending tale
That starts all over again
In a different world
Where we will meet again
To play our worldless void of pain


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